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We are getting closer to the largest sporting celebration in the continent, the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games. So, to be ready, let’s warm up a little bit. Prepare to cheer the loudest with us in this Road to Lima 2019 event, where four South American teams will test the remodeled Callao Sports Center. They will premiere our courts, and you can premiere the stands that will soon welcome fans from all over the Americas. Do not miss out this event!

The U-20 women’s teams from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru will face each other from Friday May 24 to Sunday May 26 in Callao, Av. Guardia Chalaca. Practice your cheers for the Pan American Games in this event!

If you want to attend this event, go to Teleticket and buy your tickets. See you soon!

Capacity for 5341, limited space


04 delegations: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru


May 24 to 26

Event place

Callao, Av. Guardia Chalaca





Peruvian players encourage each other during the tough match against Chile. Group Hug
Spectators from different districts attended the event to cheer for the Peruvian national team. Accessibility conditions were set for people with impairments. Let’s All Play, we all cheer
Our national team players celebrate every point with excitement. Enthusiastic
All Colombian players fought for every point. We can do it!
Argentina team showed all its strength in every set. Argentina’s victory
Argentina defeated Chile 3-0, winning for the second day in a row. “Panteritas” to Power
Chile fought until the last set to try to defeat the ”Panteritas”. Tight Match
Colombia fought for every point until the end of the match. Yes, we can!
The Peruvian U-20 team is  very young, yet they have mastered many aspects of the game. A Deserved Victory
The joy of our team members is evident after beating Colombia. Winners!
Rumbo a Lima 2019
Rumbo a Lima 2019