Spectator Guide-Ticketing

Cabecera Tickets
Conoce las condiciones para hacer uso de tus entradas

These are the conditions to use your tickets:

  • All spectators must show their tickets when entering the venue, including children and babies. 
  • Ticket prices and special offers are available on the official Lima 2019 website.
  • Wheelchair spaces will be available in all venues (limited capacity). A companion seat will be available next to, in front of or just behind the wheelchair space, according to the competition venue. 
  • Tickets must not be transferred or made available for commercial or promotional purposes, whether for commercial gain or not (even for a competition, advertising, promotion, auction or draw or as part of the hospitality package or travel), without the prior consent of Lima 2019.
  • Ticket holders are forbidden from possessing, bringing into or using within a venue any sponsorship or promotional items or materials (of any kind) without the Lima 2019 written authorization.
  • Additionally, they must not practice any form of ambush marketing (whether by invasion, intrusion or otherwise), game, activity or offer (either for free or sale), sale or sale attempt (including, without limitation, drinks, food, souvenirs, clothes, promotional and/or commercial items), without the prior consent of Lima 2019. Any such items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed at the discretion of any authorized person.

  • Find detailed information about sessions and competitions on the Lima 2019 official website (https://tickets.lima2019.pe) and authorized points of sale.




  • This important sports event will have both physical and electronic tickets (e-tickets). If decide to purchase e-tickets, you do not need to print them: you only need to show them on mobile device. 
  • Also, not all events will have a cost, as some competitions will be free but with limited capacity. Check our schedule. For more information, visit the Lima 2019 website.

How and Where Tickets Can Be Purchased

Tickets can be purchased through the following channels: 

  • Online sale: www.lima2019.pe
  • Authorized Lima 2019 sale points around the city. Visit the Games official website to locate the nearest point of sale. 
  • Competition venues the same day of the event (subject to availability).

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