Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 15 August 2019


The two-time Pan American champion in karate said that she is proud of her Para athlete friends who will take part in Lima 2019, starting on August 22.


While the national anthem was playing, standing at the top of the podium, Alexandra Grande felt immense pride for what she had achieved. She was proud, not only because of her gold medal in karate, but also because Lima 2019 was the driving force behind the close bond between athletes and fans; it enabled fans to identify with the dedication of those who represented Peru at the Pan American Games.

Therefore, the two-time Pan American champion encouraged Peruvians to continue cheering for our athletes, this time at the Parapan American Games, which start on August 22. The table tennis competition, at Sports Center 3 in VIDENA, will kick off the event. You can buy tickets to see these amazing athletes at

“Fans need to know that Lima 2019 is not over. It’s time to support our Para athletes with the same passion they showed at the Pan American Games. I know they’re going to kill it at the Parapan American Games and make Peru proud,” stated Alexandra.

Grande added that she hopes to be alongside the Peruvian representatives. “I’m going to be checking up on them, visiting them at the Village to give them energy and supporting them in their competitions. I have many friends in the delegation (Pedro Pablo de Vinatea, Dunia Felices, Pilar Jáuregui) who I deeply admire for their achievements.


About having been awarded at the Government Palace, the karateka thanked the president for always being close to them and also stated that the Pan American Games were an amazing experience that moved her to tears.

“Now, people recognize me on the street and their warmth is amazing. It’s not something I’m used to and it feels nice. Because all my fights were on television, a lady came up to me and told me I made her cry with joy. That was something that made me reflect on how powerful sports can be,” she added.

About the historic feat of being a two-time Pan American champion, alongside skier Natalia Cuglievan, she made it clear Peruvian women are capable of great things. “Natalia (Cuglievan) and I are good friends and well, as women, having made history in Peruvian sports makes us very happy,” she concluded.