Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 7 August 2019


Athletics and swimming representatives compete for the gold medals in their final stages.


The best Pan American cyclists will race on Wednesday, August 7 in the 100 meters events to get the gold medal at the Athletics Stadium in VIDENA.

This sports competition will take place starting at 16:40 and will be the main attraction of the public, who come to this venue to see the best athletes of the Americas.

Before that, the following competitions will take place in the VIDENA: men's long jump final, women's 800 m final, men's shot put final, and men's 1500 m decathlon with the awarding of a medal.   

There will also be preliminary competitions, such as men's discus throw decathlon, men's 100 m hurdles series 1/2 decathlon, women's 100 m hurdles series 1/2 heptathlon, women's high jump heptathlon, men's pole vault group A decathlon, among others.

Another of the attractions of Wednesday 7 is the debut of the women's volleyball competitions, where the Peruvian team will play its debut at 20:30 against Canada at the Callao Sports Center. Competitions will kick off with a match between Brazil and Puerto Rico at 13:00.

Cyclists Compete for the Gold

Likewise, the best road cyclists of the Americas will compete on Wednesday, August 7 at 09:00 at the Costa Verde beach circuit, where they will try to obtain the gold medal.

20 female cyclists will start the time trial event in a mass road race which has its starting and finishing point at the Costa Verde San Miguel venue, which is located near the exit to Av. Bertolotto and continues until Los Pavos beach in Barranco, where athletes will have to make a U-turn and return to the Costa Verde venue.

Afterwards, 21 male athletes will start the competition following the same route at 11:30. In the case of women's, they will cover a total of 18.5 km and, in the men's category, they will pedal 37 km, making two laps of the circuit.

Following the Pan American sports competition schedule, there will also be a competition in equestrian sports, with the team jumping event, where Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and United States will participate.

This sports activity will be held at the Army Equestrian School, in La Molina starting at 10:00.

Additionally, The Greco-Roman wrestling competitions will begin with the men’s 60 kg, 67 kg, 77 kg, 87 kg, and 97 kg categories which will be held at the Miguel Grau Coliseum in Callao starting at 10:00.  Two Peruvian athletes, Nilton Soto and Bryan Cruz, will compete and fight to get one of the medals.

Racquetball and table tennis will also define gold medal winners. Racquetball will be held from 10:00 at the Miguel Grau Coliseum in Callao and table tennis, at the Sports Center 3 of VIDENA

The Peruvian football team will play its last match against Ecuador in the dispute of the 7th and 8th place at the San Marcos Stadium at 10:00.

Finally following the sports competition schedule, the sailing, archery, fencing and women’s basketball preliminary rounds will be held.