Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 19 August 2019


Artists and volunteers finalize details and put the finishing touches to the show for this Friday 23, starting at 19:00, in the National Stadium.

Hansel Cereza

The Artistic and Scenic Director, Hansel Cereza, has been involved for many years in the conception and creation of large-scale events and opening ceremonies. His vast experience includes directing actors at the opening ceremony of Barcelona (1992) and the Copa América Chile (2015), among other sports events.

Now, he has the enormous responsibility of directing the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games Opening Ceremony, which will be held this Friday, August 23, at 19:00, in the National Stadium.

“I was very excited to know that I would do this ceremony, because it is a challenge within my entire career, and because it was something that I really wanted for a long time: to face the challenge to represent all those athletes who have an impairment and who, even having them, have overcome them. They have evolved and shown us, the whole world, that an impairment does not have to be a problem,” mentioned Cereza, making a stop in the rehearsals.

A cast of almost 500 people, very motivated, are putting the final touches to what will be seen on stage for almost two hours. The show is in charge of Balich Worldwide Shows, one of the most recognized companies dedicated to the production of live shows, such as the successfully made opening and closing ceremonies of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

“If you have seen the other two ceremonies, this third is as spectacular as the previous ones. All the artists, volunteers, and dancers are ready and we have produced a beautiful work that will be exhibited on August 23. We are in the home stretch,” said Cereza.

The participation of artists with an impairment is part of this opening ceremony, there are close to 50 in different lines: acrobats, dancers, and the protagonists who have overcome so much. “It was really easy to direct them. Since the first say, they acted very naturally and what I wanted was their naturalness and to show the world that that naturalness is in the acceptance of oneself,” said the director.

But, also the more than 1800 Para athletes will have an important participation in this opening act. They will be sitting in front of the stages as spectators. “Once they have gone through the parade, they are not going to the grandstands, but they will be incorporated into the stage space as active protagonists of the ceremony,” added Cereza.

As the pieces start to fit and everything the director has designed and conceptualized for so long takes shape, he is cautious about revealing more details. “A lot cannot be explained, because the surprise factor is fundamental to achieve the desired effect on the audience. That’s why ceremonies keep a secret that is only discovered the day they are performed and is never repeated again; and, that is why it is also important not to miss them so that, years later and with great emotion, one can say, I was there.”

Cereza dares to gives us a little taste of what will be seen this Friday 23: “There is drama, there is celebration, there is a dramatic structure. I have made this ceremony more theatrical to be able to tell a story; there are a lot of moments where, more than one, will get emotional. Excitement and illusion are guaranteed, but there is one more ingredient: after the ceremony, people will change the way they think and they will see we are all the same.”

The tickets to assist the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games Lima 2019 Opening Ceremony this Friday 23, at 19:00, in the National Stadium, are on sale at and in the 11 authorized points of sale. Ticket prices start at PEN 20. There is a 50% discount for under 18 years of age, senior citizens and people with an impairment.