Atletismo Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 10 August 2019


Mexican athlete placed first in the 5000 m event.

Mexicana Laura Galván se quedó con el primer lugar en la prueba de 5000 metros.
Mexicana Laura Galván se quedó con el primer lugar en la prueba de 5000 metros.

The last meters of the race were shocking. Laura Galván sped with all her strength in order to leave Jessica Marie O´Connell behind and win the gold medal. 

At the age of 27, the Mexican athlete, born in Guanajuato, was only five seconds away from the Pan American record to give Mexico a new god medal at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. “I trained really hard and the strategy was to endure and resist, and that’s how things happened,” stated Galván. 

The atmosphere—cold due to the weather—turned warm thanks to the continuous cheers of the audience at the Athletics Stadium of the VIDENA. “There was a lot of emotion and encouragement to Peruvian athletes, but I avoided the distraction and focused on the race,” stated the Mexican athlete.  

Her nails were decorated with the Mexican flag and she showed them smiling along with her gold medal, “I got my nails done in Mexico before coming, the flags are a way to represent my country and be able to win the medal,” emphasized Galván, who also added that the ceramic Milco “is a beautiful present, typical from here and it’s a proof that the Games are spectacular.” Did you know that Virgin Islands won her first won medal at the Lima 2019 Games?  

Peruvian Saida Meneses broke her own mark and established a new South American record in the under-23 category with a time of 15.47.16. “I learned that I must use another type of strategy when facing incredible runners. Even though I broke my record, I was left with the desire to win the medal. However, I know more opportunities will come,” stated the Peruvian athlete.