Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 27 August 2019


The Peruvian football 5-a-side team lost today against Argentina and will face Colombia on Wednesday 28, at 20:00.


Like during the first match that took place in the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center, the fans were the life of the party as they cheered from the stands with each of Brayan Bartolo’s feints and when Rony Estrada daringly faced the Argentinian forwards, however, they were unable to secure the match and lost 3 to 0. 

The Argentinian team showed better control when handling the ball and quickly took the lead in the scoreboard; five minutes into the match, defender Maximiliano Espinillo scored the first goal with a powerful cross shot. 

Despite this goal, the Peruvian team fought for every ball on midfield and used everything at their disposal to search for a tie, but the good defensive position of the Argentinian team made each attack futile.  

After a recovery by the defense and a quick transition to an attack, Espinillo scored the second goal for Argentina. Halftime started with the score 2-0 and the spectators cheered on the Peruvian team to the beat of “Cariñito” while they recovered for the second half. 

As soon as the second half started, the Peruvian team tried to score a goal, nevertheless, striker Nicolás Vélez scored the third goal for Argentina seven minutes into the second half, deciding the match. 

Despite this, the audience never stopped cheering and, after the match, they gave the Peruvian team a standing ovation for their effort and the grit they put into each play. 

Brazil undefeated in football 5-a-side 

In the first match of this competition day, the Brazilian team beat the Mexican team 3 to 0, with three goals from striker Ricardo Steinmtez. With this result, Brazil’s team remains undefeated in this sport. 

The next match will be on Wednesday, August 28, when Peru plays Colombia at 20:00. Earlier that day, Argentina will play Costa Rica and the Brazil versus Costa Rica match will follow.