Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 21 August 2019


Around 300 people, including the Lima 2019 Ambassadors, Pan American medalists and civil society representatives, will carry the flame along the main streets of the Peruvian capital.

Recorrido Antorcha

It will start its journey tomorrow on Wednesday 21 and will spread hope and illusion to host the Parapan American Games for the first time ever. The Parapan American torch is a symbol that reflects the spirit of the most important sports event in the continent. The tour will begin at 9:20 in Surco with the participation of the Lima 2019 Ambassadors, Pan American medalists and prominent athletes, who will have the privilege of carrying the torch along the main streets.

The Parapan American flame will seek to inspire equality, inspiration, courage and determination, which are the values embodied by each of the Para athletes. The torch will visit four of the most sacred archaeological sites of Lima, including Pachacámac where the journey started, as well as its most symbolic touristic destinations. These places are part of a legacy left by the pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary periods.

The Lima 2019 Ambassadors Dunia Felices and María Jesús Trujillo, the Lima 2019 gold medalist and Ambassador Piccolo Clemente, the Lima 2019 Honorary Ambassador Nicolás Fuchs, and the Peruvian Para badminton team member Jesús Salvá will participate in the first day of the relay.

The torch will be handed over to Pan American medalists Oliver del Castillo (gold), Ingrid Aranda (bronze) and Mariano Wong (bronze) in karate; María Fernanda Reyes (silver), Vania Torres (silver), Tamil Martino (silver) and Itzel Delgado (bronze) in surfing; Luis Bardalez (bronze) in weightlifting; María Belén Bazo (bronze) in sailing; and Renzo Saux (bronze) in taekwondo. Prominent athletes such as Percy Rojas and civil society representatives will also have the privilege to carry the torch.


Day 1 - Wednesday 21:

The first day of the Parapan American torch route starts at 09:20 at Av. Manuel Olguín and travels along Av. El Derby and Av. El Polo up to the intersection of Av. Primavera and continue up to the intersection of Av. San Luis in the district of Santiago de Surco.

Then, it will cover the district of San Borja along Av. Angamos and cross important roads such as Av. Aviación, Av. Gálvez Barrenechea, Vía Expresa, Av. Petit Thouars, Av. Arequipa, Av. Comandante Espinar and arrive at Av. Santa Cruz in the district of Miraflores.

It will travel along Av. Santa Cruz to calle 7 de Junio past noon and continue on Malecón Cisneros and Malecón de la Reserva and ending at Av. Armendáriz. Then, the torch will arrive in the district of Barranco along Av. Miguel Grau and will turn left on calle Nicolás de Piérola to continue on Av. República de Panamá, Av. Ramón Castilla and Av. Paseo de la Castellana.

Later, it will head to Óvalo Higuereta to continue on Av. Tomás Marsano, calle Domingo Orué, Av. Paseo de la República, calle Domingo Elías, Av. Arequipa and ending at Parque Kennedy, where a celebration will be conducted.


Mapa Antorcha Parapanamericana