Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 4 August 2019


Surfing finals will start at 9:00. The race walking events will be held in Miraflores at 8:00. Likewise, athletes will fight for the gold medal in 12 sports.


The Lima 2019 Pan American Games continue to offer the most impressive multi-sports event in the Americas on its twelfth competition day. The most successful delegations in this continent will compete for the gold in 12 sports to reach the top of the medal table. Peru will aim for a new medal in the 20-kilometer race walk to become the Americas’ leading country in this sport. In Punta Rocas, the Peruvian delegation could make history as it faces the chance to win six medals.

The race walking event will start at 8:00 in Parque Kennedy. The race will start at Parque Kennedy, to continue along Av. José Larco as far as Calle Tarata, and will return on the same street up to Óvalo de Miraflores. The Peruvian representatives in the women’s event are Kimberly García and Mary Luz Andia. In the men’s event, José Carlos Mamani from Puno will be the Peruvian representative. As for García and Andia, they already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The surfing final, one of the most expected events, will start at Punta Rocas High Performance Center at 9:00. Surfers Benoit ”Piccolo” Clemente, Daniela Rosa and Luca Mesinas, as well as Vania Torres, will represent Peru in the finals. Maria Fernanda Reyes and Tamil Martino will compete in the repechage final phase, meaning a potentially historic result for Peru. A Peruvian victory would grant Peru a leading position in this sport at an international level.

In the first round of men’s football group B, the Peruvian team will face Jamaica at San Marcos stadium. The remaining matches are Panama-Argentina; Ecuador-Mexico and Honduras-Uruguay.

Moreover, Eduardo Dibós Coliseum will host the men’s basketball finals at 18:00.

Meanwhile, the final games of baseball, one of the most popular sports in the continent, will start at 11:05. The Puerto Rico, United States, Argentina and Dominican Republic teams will be ready to hit the home runs that will give them the chance to win the gold, silver and bronze medals.

In the National Sports Village velodrome, the fastest cyclists in the Americas will compete in the track cycling finals, which will be divided in two sessions, starting at 11:05. The Peruvian team will compete in the event, as well as the United States, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, among other teams.


The best athletes in the Americas will seek to swiftly cross the fast-moving waters of the Cañete River to win the gold medal in the canoe slalom event. The final event will start at 9:00.

Likewise, Brazil, United States, Argentina, among other teams, will compete to obtain the gold, silver and bronze medals at the Club Lawn Tennis. The exciting end of the tennis events will start at 11:00.

In the Callao Sports Center, the Brazil, Cuba, Chile and Argentina teams will fight for the gold, silver and bronze medals in men’s volleyball at 9:00.

In Laguna Bujama, the Americas' top swimmers will showcase their skills and endurance in the challenging 10-kilometer open water swimming final at 9:00. Meanwhile, the most skilled gymnasts of the Americas will try to clinch gold in the different rhythmic gymnastics competitions to take place at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center at 16:00.


On the penultimate day of diving competitions, two events will be held at the VIDENA Aquatic Center at 10:00. In this event, the athletes will fight for the gold, silver and bronze medals in an intense series of competitions. Additionally, riders will compete for the gold in the jumping event at 8:00 in the Army Equestrian School.

Finally, the final rounds of handball, racquetball, softball and hockey will determine which teams will reach the podium. As for trampoline gymnastics, Basque pelota, water polo, table tennis and sailing, these events will start their qualification stages at Lima 2019, on the way to their finals.

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