Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 12 August 2019


Meanwhile, athletes from Brazil, Cuba and the US expressed their satisfaction with what they experienced at Lima 2019.


Without a doubt, the constant feature and trademark of the Pan American Games, which come to an end tonight, has been the unconditional support of Peruvian fans and the fans from different countries of the Americas. Their support has been recognized by outstanding athletes of the continental competition.

Kevin Martínez, gold medalist in Peruvian Fronton singles, highlighted the fact that this discipline of Basque pelota made its debut in the Pan American Games and said he was “very happy” to be the ambassador of this 100% Peruvian sport.    

“It’s an honor to represent this Peruvian sport that we’re slowly sharing with the world and to give Peru its tenth gold medal (of the Games),” he said.

Later, he welcomed the presence of the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, at the medal ceremony of his competition and revealed that the president is a former fronton player: “we’ve agreed to play a match to pick up fronton again.”


Karatekas John Trebejo, Carlos Lam and Oliver del Castillo reiterated how much it meant to them to win the gold medal in men’s team kata surrounded by the universal support of the public.

“This can unite us in order to move forward. Sports are a great tool for change. We’re happy and enjoying this celebration. We’ve been working for a long time. Carlos, Oliver and I are such good friends; I knew we could achieve something historic,” confessed John.

Likewise, Tamil Martino, silver medalist in stand up paddle surfing, said that he had never felt so much support and affection from fans in a competition before.

“That was crucial to us doing well as a team. We, as well as the Peruvian surfing community, are proud that we have been included in such an important championship like the Olympic-level Pan American Games. This is the first time that surf is part of a competition of this level and we were able to prove to Peru that Peruvian surf is a first-rate sport,” he said.


Brazilian Rafaella Silva, world, Olympic and Pan American champion in judo, was pleased to represent her country at Lima 2019 and with how this continental event will contribute to her preparation for the world championship.