Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 31 August 2019


Lima 2019 Ambassador already thinks about the golden medal.

Pilar Jauregui

The match finished in a short time and although Pilar looked nervous, she smiled at the end of the match. She played against her friend, the US Para athlete Amy Burnett.

At the Sports Center 3 , the gaze of the fans was focused on two of the three courts where the matches took place. Pilar and Pedro Pablo de Vinatea were playing at the same time.

Pilar’s victory was overwhelming with a score of 21 to 4 and 21 to 0. She finished the match faster than Pedro Pablo, and as she said: “I was nervous at the beginning, but when you focus on playing you forget everything. In addition, the coliseum was full of people, I had never imagined such attendance, she stated.

According to Pilar, it was a special match because she did not only face a rival, it was her friend. “I’m a little sad for her, but I’m the host and I have to honor my country. She’s a great friend, she is just beginning and she has made great progress, the difference is noticeable,” she added. Mayor Jorge Muñoz completes para badminton champion’s challenge.  

After the game, Pilar received greetings from the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, whom she had challenged weeks ago. “He congratulated me and told me to do well and to keep making progress,” she said.

The Lima 2019 Ambassador will continue competing tomorrow to look for a place in the semifinals. “I’ll do my best and now we’ll give it our all,” she concluded.

The Para badminton competition will be held on Sunday, September 1. If you want to enjoy seeing more competitions and cheer on Para athletes, you can purchase your tickets through the official website and in authorized points of sale.