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Applicants living in Peru and abroad will have access to this training program.

Lima 2019
Lima, january 9, 2019

This initiative aims at providing volunteers comprehensive training based on Lima 2019 philosophy to play the assigned role.

The online general training of Lima 2019 Volunteer Program starts today for applicants living in Peru and overseas.

The training will focus on the history and development of the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games, the importance and responsibilities of volunteers, as well as the relationship between Lima 2019 and the 2030 Schedule.

Access to the online training will be available for volunteer applicants living in Peru after attending general onsite training session. Later, an invitation will be sent by email with a direct link, so that they can have access to the Lima 2019 Volunteer Portal.

In the case of applicants living abroad, online general trainings will be conducted in parallel with their video interview.

If you are interested in volunteering for Lima 2019, please register by February 22 through https://www.lima2019.pe/en/volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering

Lima 2019 volunteers will receive the following benefits: access to training program, double certification (one for their training and another one for their participation in the Games) on behalf of the United Nations and Lima 2019, uniform, accreditation, meal per shift, accident insurance, national and international contact network and the opportunity to live a unique experience.

Work Areas

There are several areas where volunteers can be assigned to such as accreditation, accommodation, arrivals and departures, transportation, medical services, doping control, spectators services, press, protocol, sports, information technology, uniforms, workforce, marketing, among others.

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