Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 27 August 2019


The youngest athlete from the Peruvian delegation was hundredths of a second away from the bronze medal.


In his debut at the Parapan American Games, and being the youngest of the delegation at only 14 years old, Rodrigo Santillán Cruz was close to win a medal at the Para swimming competition of 50 m backstroke S2. 

The Peruvian finished fourth place with a time of 1:14.17, only 18 hundredths away from the bronze medal, which was taken by the Brazilian Gabriel Dos Santos in the final against Santillán. The Para swimmer had qualified to the final in the morning with a time of 1:13.27.  

The youngest athlete of the Peruvian delegation competes with a motor sensory polyneuropathy, an illness that decreases the capacity to move or feel due to neurological damage.  

Santillán is a student of the Juan Guerrero Quimper school located in the district of Villa María del Triunfo. This was one of the educational institutions toured by the “Soy Lima” campaign, where the students learned about sport values and the development of the Pan American and Parapan American Games in Peru. His school was also granted with free tickets to watch the competitions of the Parapan American Games and, therefore, his classmates were cheering on him from the grandstands of the Athletics Stadium during his performance. 

Rodrigo has three more competitions to reach the podium in his debut at the Parapan American Games. Tomorrow, he will compete in 100 m backstroke S2 (S1) starting at 19:00 at the modern Aquatic Center, which is considered one of the best in the world by the competitors themselves. On Friday, the Peruvian Para swimmer will participate in 50 freestyle S2 (S1) and will finish his participation on Saturday 31, with 100 freestyle S2 (S1).  


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Tickets can be also purchased online through, where you will also find the Sports Calendar with detailed competition schedules. In the case of e-tickets, printing will no longer be necessary since customers can show their e-ticket from their mobile phones at the entrance of the sports venue.