Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 30 July 2019


The best-ranked Peruvian tennis player beat Grenadine Akilah James, advancing to the round of 16 in the women’s competition. Juan Pablo Varillas will also make his debut today.


Yesterday, Nicolás Álvarez won on the first day of the men’s competition at Lawn Tennis de la Exposición Club. And this morning, a significant number of spectators witnessed the victory of tennis player Dominique Schaefer, the best-ranked Peruvian athlete in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). 

The constant support of the crowd at the main stadium of the Lawn Tennis Club gave her encouragement to advance to the next round. Although the match became complicated for her at the end of each set, she managed to win both sets 7-5 against Grenadine Akilah James. 

“It was a tough game because I wasn't so confident at times. I was winning the entire game, but when I failed some hits, she managed to raise her level. Anyway, my debut helped me relax. I will face the next matches more calmly. Today, the crowd encouragement filled me with lots of energy. This atmosphere makes me very excited to play for my country,” stated Dominique. 

The pair made up of Schaefer and Dana Guzmán will compete in women’s doubles in the afternoon. Additionally, Juan Pablo Varillas will make his debut in men’s competitions against Bolivian Boris Arias. The winners in singles and doubles (men’s and women’s), as well as in mixed doubles, will earn direct qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.  


Tennis competitions will be held at the stadium of the Lawn Tennis Club, from July 29 to August 4. Athletes will compete in singles and doubles (men’s and women’s), as well as in mixed doubles. A total of 80 tennis player from 16 countries, both male and female, will participate in the Games, competing in knockout round stages. 

There will be six stages in men’s singles, starting with a round of 64, and five stages in both women’s singles and men's doubles, starting with a round of 32. Meanwhile, athletes will start competing in a round of 16 in women’s doubles and mixed doubles. 


The Lima 2019 Pan American Games is a continental event that will gather 6680 athletes from 41 countries and started on July 26 at the National Stadium. There will be 17 days of competitions, which will take place in 14 districts of Lima and Callao. Some of the main venues will be the VIDENA, Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center, Callao Regional Sports Village, Villa El Salvador Sports Center, Punta Rocas, among others. 

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