Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 22 August 2019


A 13-year-old Salvadorian child competed against a 51-year-old Ecuadorian, giving us one of the most exciting images of this first day of competition at Lima 2019.

Para tenis de mesa

The first day of competition at Lima 2019 gave us a captivating and inclusive perspective on Para sports. On the first day of competition, during the Para table tennis event, a particular match caught our eye. Two Para athletes of different ages and experiences were facing off in the court. This moment proved that sports can be an incredible source of wonderful stories. 

On the one hand, the Salvadorian child Javier Córdova competes full of emotion in his first Games. On the other hand is 51-year-old Ecuadorian Paul Polo who has been practicing this discipline for over 20 years. Differences were obvious in this match, although they both were competing in class 8.  

The Salvadorian athlete has always participated in short-stature events and he even won last year’s Orlando International Open in the United States. He started sports at age 9, when his trainer Gerson Villalta discovered him in the city of Santa Ana. Thanks to his last performances, he received an invitation to participate at the Parapan American Games 

Although Córdova’s debut was not auspicious after losing three sets to zero (11-2, 11-6 and 11-9), this will remain as a wonderful experience for the youngest Para athlete of Lima 2019. “I was very nervous with the initial points, but I cut loose and was able to finish in a better way. Being in Lima is one of the biggest dreams I had since I started practicing this sport,” said the Salvadorian champion.  

This is one of the many stories we will witness in the different competitions starting today at the Parapan American Games. Para table tennis events will be held at the Sports Center 3 of VIDENA.

Javier Córdova