Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 26 August 2019


The Pan American medalist participated as a volunteer in Lima 2019, to be near her Judo family. The affection between the two shows that sports are a great driving force for friendship.


The bonds between athletes can be very intense, despite there not being any blood relations. The hug between the Peruvian judoka Yuliana Bolívar, Pan American Games medalist, with Fred Villalobos, Parapan American Games bronze medalist, proves that genuine affection comes from the soul.

This friendship arose two years ago during training sessions in VIDENA and they reunited this morning during a glorious episode of Peruvian sports. Bolívar, who volunteered for the judo competition, congratulated the Peruvian Para athlete as soon as he left the tatami and left us a captivating image. Fred’s visual impairment did not stand in the way of their embrace.

“Fred is and has always been a good friend of mine, form the day we first met two years ago, when neither of us had won anything. That closeness created a mutual bond. That’s why he showed me his affection when he noticed my presence. I admire Fred because he’s a great human being and I’m happy that we now both share a bronze medal in the Games,” said Yuliana Bolívar. Fred Villalobos proved that Peru has guts at the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games.

Since she arrived from Venezuela, Fred is one of the members of the big Peruvian judoka family she was able to build. “I’m proud of being Peruvian. Having an achievement in sports doesn’t mean I’m any less human. I’m always going to support my friends from Judo, because they opened their hearts to me when I needed it the most, said the Peruvian athlete.

At the end of the day at VIDENA’s Sports Center 2, Yuliana was approached by fans who asked her for autographs and photos. “I didn’t expect so much affection from people and it’s rewarding to not only have the support of my Judo family, but also the Peruvian public. That’s worth more than any medal,” she concluded.