Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 7 August 2019


Athletes are satisfied with all the amenities they have in the Pan American Village.


Athletes living in the Pan American Village expressed their satisfaction for the Recreational Center that was installed in this lodging, a resting and entertainment place for the athletes that participate in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

"Thank God we have this recreational area, where there are many games, so we come here to relax a little and interact with representatives from other countries," said Kimberly Cardoza, Peruvian representative in athletics 400 meters hurdles and 4x400 m relay.

The Peruvian athlete said that, personally, she is satisfied with the recreational area and she also highlighted the help of volunteers who are in the Pan American Village.

"There are games, a gymnasium, an immense kitchen, there is an international area in the Pan American Village, where you have all the amenities," she said, after letting us know that Peruvian athletes have a rest day one day before the competitions.

She also mentioned that the Recreational Center entertains them and is fun to release tensions before a competition.


Furthermore, Kimberly Cardoza said that she has trained very hard for her participation in athletics and that, since December, she does preparation exercises three times a day.

She stated that she will go out to run and enjoy her participation because the whole training process is over, and now all that remains is to show the results.

Lima 2019 will leave us a great legacy, being here in the Pan American Village allows us to gain experience from representatives of other countries in different sports, in their form of training,” she said.

She also added that the infrastructure of all the stadiums and fields is something that, at least in athletics, they have never had and that now it will be possible to hold world-class championships.


José Tomás Beltrán, member of the Chilean delegation, expressed his good impression of the Pan American Village facilities.

“I’m impressed by what they have achieved as an organization to make these Lima 2019 Games possible,” he added.

He specified that the entertainment is adequate, because it makes them leave the routine, above all, for athletes who have a concentration process to get ready and disconnect a little.

“In each gaming area, there is a speaker where you can put on music and share with the different delegations,” said the Chilean athlete.