Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 28 August 2019


The sports center has different facilities such as ramps, Braille reading system, tactile paving, among others.


The Lima 2019 Organizing Committee completely enabled the National Sports Village (VIDENA) to guarantee access for Para athletes and people with an impairment, so that the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games are successfully held from start to finish.

VIDENA, the main venue for the Lima 2019 Games, includes the Aquatic Center, the Athletics Stadium and the Velodrome. Their structures have turned it into a sports city and accessible for people with some type of impairment.

In collaboration with the International Paralympic Committee, the sports infrastructure of the venue was designed and built in accordance with the international standards of good practice for events. Therefore, it ensures a legacy of promotion and practice of high-performance Para sports.

For example, autonomous movement is encouraged through ramps with slopes allowing people using wheelchairs or with reduced mobility to travel effortlessly through all common spaces and sports venues of the precinct.

All venues have wheelchair spaces and priority seats with easy access around the field of play. Therefore, regardless of the budget, all spectators can enjoy competitions and future sports events from all areas. All wheelchair spaces have a reserved seat for a companion.

Also, venue elevators can accommodate up to three wheelchairs. They have sound signals and Braille signage to guide people with visual impairments.

Additionally, the precinct has tactile paving on the pedestrian areas and Braille signage throughout VIDENA to facilitate autonomous movement and guidance for people with visual impairments. The paving patterns indicate where to stop or continue. They also warn you about changes in stair levels or bus or car crossings on internal ways.

Bathrooms have been completely adapted with passage width and width at turn, adapted accessories to facilitate handling with poor dexterity in hands or upper limbs, accessible height and distance of accessories for wheelchair users or people of short stature, as well as support accessories for transfer maneuvers from the wheelchair, among others.

Known as universal accessibility, venues have a functional design for everyone, including people with baby strollers, senior people, children, and pregnant women.

The Parapan American Games kicked off on Friday, August 23, with a spectacular opening ceremony held at the National Stadium and will end on Sunday, September 1.