Spectator services at venues

Servicio a los espectadores en las sedes
Spectator services at venues

The Spectator Services Department provides information, orientation and assistance during the spectators’ visit in all competition venues; providing a welcoming, friendly and safe environment; and solving issues that may affect the development of the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

To ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for spectators, all venues will have an Information Center, where they can easily find volunteers and spectators service staff. The following services will be provided:

  • Spectators orientation and information.
  • Lost and found items services.
  • Registration of minors and senior citizens.
  • Lost people.
  • Wheelchair loan service.
  • Stroller storage.
  • Medical services (first-aid station).
  • Sale of food and drinks.
  • Merchandising – Official stores.
Spectator Guide
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Spectator Orientation and Information

Spectators can receive information and orientation regarding competitions, schedules and other questions or concerns about the Lima 2019 Games.

The orientation and information service prioritizes problem resolution and assistance for all spectators, especially for those with mobility restrictions.

Lost and Found Objects Services

If spectators find or lose an item anywhere in the venue, they can go to the Information Center for the item to be registered and processed according to the established procedures. If spectators realize they have lost an item when the competition has already finished, but they have ticket(s) for another competition day(s), they may go to the Information Center that day and report the incident. Optionally, you send an email to objetosperdidos@lima2019.pe

If spectators have exit the venue (and will not participate in other competitions and/or sessions), then they may report the lost item by sending an e-mail.

If spectators cannot pick up the lost item themselves, a third party can do so by means of a power of attorney or sworn statement and the owner’s ID or passport copy.

These procedures may apply during the Pan American and/or Parapan American Games and as long as venues are open to the public.

Found items will be stored at the Information Center until the end of the day. After the end of competitions, they will be stored in the Logistics storage at the same venue where items were found.

Once the competition period for both Games has ended and venues close to the public, all boxes containing registered items that were not returned to their owners will be sent to the Games south satellite storage located in Chorrillos.

Thirty days after the last day of the Parapan American Games, unclaimed items will follow the corresponding legal procedures.
To coordinate this service, please email objetosperdidos@lima2019.pe.

  • Found Items: Any item (wallet, jewelry, money, mobile phone, passport, ID, purse, keys, etc.) found by third parties, at the stands and/or competition venues must be reported to the Information Center.
  • Lost Items: Spectators having lost an item may report the incident to the Information Center at the venue and/or email objetosperdidos@lima2019.pe no later than 30 days after the end of the Parapan American Games.

Registration of Minors and Senior Citizens

This service was established to to avoid situations such as lost vulnerable people. For such purpose, spectators that may have problems to take care of themselves, such as children under 12 years old, people with an impairment and senior citizens entering the venues during the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games, will be identified.

Registration at the Information Center will be optional, considering spectators and/or their companions willingness.

Lost People

All minors, senior citizens or people with an impairment found or lost inside the venues must be taken to the Information Center so they can be put under supervision and receive the proper care, according to established procedures.

Wheelchair Loan Service

If spectators requires a wheelchair, they can request it at the Information Center. We have a limited amount of wheelchairs that will be distributed in a first-come, first-served basis according to the number of spectators.

Stroller Storage and Safekeeping

Spectators going to the events with strollers can store them in the designated spaces, managed by the venue's Information Center.

Medical Services (First-Aid Station)

All Lima 2019 venues have first-aid stations and permanent ambulance services in case there are any health requirements or emergencies.

Food and Beverage Services

All Lima 2019 Games venues will have food and beverage points of sale to enjoy various culinary offers.

Merchandising – Official stores

The official Lima 2019 Games souvenirs can be purchased at the official merchandising stores located in each venue. This event will be memorable!