Social-Educational Legacy

Legado económico de Lima 2019
Social-Educational Legacy

Sport shapes and transforms!

The Games generate a social change by positively affecting our citizens’ education and health. They also lay the foundations for transformation and accelerate social transformation.
We seek to implement social, educational and health changes:

  • Encourage mass participation of Peruvians in the Games organization
  • Launch a Volunteer Program to support the Lima 2019 Games and the sports, cultural and social program that take place every year in Lima and the region
  • Implement measures to reduce sedentary lifestyles, with the support of Ministry of Health
  • Promote sports values to reduce substance abuse, gangs and school dropouts
  • Document the joint efforts for the organization of future events
  • Improve our environmental and waste management plans to have more efficient and sustainable facilities
  • Overcome misconceptions about people with an impairment by empathizing with athletes and other people with an impairment


  • To establish programs that favor citizens’ social integration and civic behavior.
  • To implement the highest standards of sustainability, efficiency and commitment with the environment.