Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 30 August 2019


The president of COPAL congratulated the Lima 2019 ambassador minutes before she found out she had won the bronze. “He told me he brought me luck,” she revealed.

Dunia y Carlos

In the four days that Dunia Felices competed in the Parapan American Games, she managed to gather so many people in the Aquatic Center that she was moved to tears. In the audience was the president of COPAL, Carlos Neuhaus, who gave the Lima 2019 ambassador a hug once the event had ended.

Neuhaus witnessed Dunia’s dedication during the years she spent preparing for the Games. So, he went down to the competitors’ area to praise her effort, unaware that an amusing incident was going to take place.

“Just as I was going back to the competitors’ area, I ran into Carlos Neuhaus and, while he was praising me, a Colombian swimmer came up to us and congratulated me. I didn’t understand anything because I thought I’d finished fourth. That’s when Carlos hugged me and said he brought me luck,” stated Felices.

Regarding her performance this evening, she said: “I knew that in the 50 m butterfly I could win something, despite feeling more comfortable in long distance events. What does move me is the unconditional support of the audience. Despite everything, they came these four days. This medal is for you too,” she said.

Dunia confessed she evolved in some respects: “I improved my race finish. I even pushed harder in the last 25 meters, despite taking a while to hit the water; but I still have many years to correct that. This is my second year competing and I know you don’t become an athlete overnight. That’s why experiencing something like Lima 2019 is so important,” she added.

After the Parapan American Games, the Para swimmer will compete at the World Championships in London. She will participate in four events, but she will focus mainly on 50 m butterfly, as well as 200 and 100 m freestyle. “I will focus on these three styles to reach the qualification times for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” she concluded.


Tomorrow is Dunia’s last day of competitions. You can buy tickets starting at PEN 10. There will be a 50% discount for children under 18, senior citizens and people with an impairment.

You can purchase tickets at the ticket booths in VIDENA and at the 11 authorized points of sale located around the city

You can also purchase them online at, where you will find the detailed competition calendar. In the case of e-tickets, printing will no longer be necessary since customers can show their e-ticket from their mobile phones at the entrance of the sports venue.