Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 30 July 2019



Neither the cold weather of Lima could turn down the mood and excitement of almost 500 spectators among family, friends, and fans, who came early in the morning to find the perfect location and encourage bikers to succeed in the Cross Country event at the Morro Solar circuit in Chorrillos.

The women's competition started at 09:00 in a professional circuit of 30 km, where a total of 14 athletes rode through complicated hills, extreme obstacles, and blind and narrow curves in a total of six laps. But they felt the road less difficult because fans were cheering them on.

Mexico's Daniela Campuzano won the gold medal, Argentina's Sofia Gomez won silver, and Brazil's Jaqueline Mourão bronze. Peru's Lucero Rubio, 20 years old, did not make it to the podium but fans clapped enthusiastically and took pictures with her when the competition finished.

“It’s my first Pan American Games, and I feel thrilled to have had the chance to compete with girls who are in the world’s top.  I was motivated due to the fans' energy; the circuit was great;and I want to thank the Federation for its support,” Lucero stated.  

As for the men’s competition, which started at 10:30, a total of 20 athletes competed at a circuit that included seven laps of 4 km each. The race was demanding, and athletes required both technique and physical endurance.

Mexico's José Ulloa, who arrived at the finish line with no complications, was awarded the gold medal. Brazil's Henrique Da Silva was awarded the silver medal and Chile's Martin Vidaurre, bronze. Peruvians Rolando Retamozo and Alexander Urbina competed at challenging Morro Solar circuit and were ultimately disqualified from the competition.

Undoubtedly, it was an adrenaline-filled morning both for athletes and fans, who never stopped encouraging the competitors. 

Mountain cycling, known worldwide as mountain bike (MTB), is a discipline in which women and men compete separately on a natural trail, mainly mountainous, with technical sections of climbs, descents and plains. Athletes ride their bikes over various obstacles such as rocks, trunks, narrow areas (single track), at full speed. It is a highly impressive demonstration of strength and precision.

It is worth mentioning that more than 94 volunteers were supervising this competition for spectators to have a pleasant experience. Over 90 police officers were in charge of the sports event security, and four ambulances and a tent of the Peruvian Ministry of Health looked after the health of the attendees.