Lima 2019 four legacies for our city

Lima 2019 four legacies for our city

Do you want to know the legacy of the most important event in our country's sport history? Find out more here.

Lima 2019 will leave many stories and will let us witness many sporting achievements. However, a question is still to be answered: after the end of the Parapan American Games Closing Ceremony , will our city be the same? Definitely not!

Lima has been working on the Games legacy plan ever since it was proposed as a candidate to host the most important multi-sport event in America. Once the city was chosen, its legacy took a very important place in every activity. What are the key areas of the Lima 2019 legacy?

  1. Social-Educational Legacy

Lima’s future is in its children and youth. Through our “Soy Lima 2019” campaign, we will visit over 30 schools, promoting the values of the Pan American Games (excellence, respect and friendship) and Parapan American Games (equality, determination, inspiration and courage), as well as a healthy lifestyle based on sports to over 18,000 students.

Campaña Soy Lima 2019 en el Colegio César Vallejo de La Victoria

2. Sports legacy

Every sport venue you will see during the competitions will be delivered to the Peruvian Sport Federations for the use of the talented athletes. Each one of them has been designed to be accessible for with an impairment and Para athletes that represent us in the best possible way. The Jorge Chávez International Airport staff has been trained to provide a good service for this special requirement and resolve problems.

3. Economic Legacy

The Games are a great window to promote our country. Over 170,000 tourists will come to our country’s capital city to enjoy the Games and revenues are estimated at over PEN 570 million. The best part is the international exposure of Marca Peru, which is valued in PEN 2,430 million. The world will be watching us!

Besides, our beloved Pan American and Parapan American Village will become a home for approximately 1100 families, as the apartments built will be listed for sale and earnings around PEN 200 million are estimated.

Villa Panamericana y Parapanamericana de Lima 2019

4. Urban Legacy

Thanks to Lima 2019, over 200,000 m2 new roads, 130,000 m2 sidewalks and 1600 m2 green areas will be built to benefit over 625,000 people in our city.  A renewed city!

#LetsAllPlay. We need your help to make these Games the best Games ever. Do not miss any competition: Get your tickets for Lima 2019 now!

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