CULTURAYMI: Get ready to say goodbye with a bang! Find out about our grand finale

CULTURAYMI: Get ready to say goodbye with a bang! Find out about our grand finale

Concerts, plays, workshops... All of them free!

The Lima 2019 Games have brought us joy, amazing feats, surprises, admiration and also... FREE ART! Concerts, plays, workshops and more free cultural activities ending this week. You aren't going to miss them, are you?

Save the date: Saturday, August 31. Here's a little bit of everything you'll find on the last day:



Two actresses of Las Tambores show expressions of sorrow


It's always a great time to show art to the little ones. So we invite you to the children's play:

  • Sirenas y pesebres (Sirens and mangers) (16:00, Mali zone).

And you can continue with

  • A Diablada parade by PROMPERÚ  (17:00, Flag Plaza zone).

If you like symphonic music, you can’t miss the great MINEDU’S cultural program orchestra, which promotes talent among young people and will fascinate you with its performance.

  • “Orquestando” (18:30, Fun Fest zone)

You can't miss a sensory theater play that explores the challenges of persons with visual impairment. It will undoubtedly teach us to be more sensitive and empathetic to the persons with visual impairment living in Lima.

  • Carga Visual (19:30, Let’s all play zone),



Renowned group Los Mirlos playing on stage


Lima 2019 was a great sports celebration, but now alongside sports, we have a music celebration! We invite you to come and say goodbye to this great event that thrilled Lima... WITH A BANG.

The party will start with the renowned Peruvian reggae roots band that returned to the stage after over 10 years:

  • Nijah Bredda and Ysabel Omega (20:20, Milco zone),

And be ready to move the body to the rhythm of sa-sa-sa-salsa with:

  • Ray Callao (21:50, Milco zone) and
  • Son Tentación (22:50, Fun Fest zone)

The party will go on, this time with Peruvian fusion music:

  • La Sonora Patronal (23:20, Milco zone); and finally,
  • DJ Lima Sound System (23:55, Lima 2019 zone). A DJ will play one hour of roots & culture music.

Everyone's invited!


Un mar de gente pasándola increíble en el Culturaymi, ¿te lo vas a perder?


We guess you're already excited about tomorrow, but today, August 30, you can also come and watch three legendary Peruvian bands live together with the winner of the folklore competition of the Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar:

  • Black Sugar (20:20, Milco zone),
  • Colectivo Circo Band (21:40, Milco zone),
  • Novalima (21:45, Fun Fest zone)
  • Dámaris (23:20, zona Fun Fest).

We'll say this once again, admission is FREE! Check out the full program click here


Many people have had a great time in the Culturaymi activities, Lima 2019