Five places in Lima where you can exercise outdoors

Five places in Lima where you can exercise outdoors

No more excuses! Use the parks of Lima to exercise.

Have you ever wanted to practice sports but felt that you had no place where to do it? Let’s overcome the myths! You don’t have to pay for a gym, will show how to exercise here: find out these five places in Lima where you can exercise outdoors.


El Pentagonito, San Borja

El Pentagonito is located between the Av. San Borja Norte and San Borja Sur, a popular spot for district neighbors to do all kinds of exercises. Its wide perimeter is perfect for running and it also has several mini gyms, a bicycle lane, drinking fountains, a place for group activities and other facilities. This makes it the perfect place for an outdoor exercise routine!


People running around El Pentagonito

(Photo: NANAX)

Parque La Pera, San Isidro

Parque Benemérita Guardia Civil in San Isidro Park, better known as Parque La Pera, is located between Av. Salaverry and Av. Del Ejército. Here, you will enjoy a wide bicycle lane, as well as green areas and paved areas ready for people wanting to enjoy an exercise day surrounded by trees and nature.


Parque La Muralla, Cercado de Lima

This huge park located in the heart of Lima, between Av. Abancay and Av. Amazonas, has attractions for the whole family, including wide areas where you freely run and exercise. In addition, sport workshops are regularly held in this park. Don’t miss your chance to visit it the next time you’re in the district!


Aerial view of the impressive Parque La Muralla

(Photo: SERPAR)

Malecón de Miraflores

Malecón de Miraflores is popular among people who like running, particularly in the early hours of the morning, for its large extension, its beautiful view and the fresh sea air. There is also a bike lane, several mini gymnasiums and free areas to practice other sports classes. Without a doubt, an excellent option for exercising outdoor.


Malecón de Miraflores in the afternoon


Parque Ramón Castilla, Lince

The Parque Ramón Castilla in Lince is famous for being a sports and entertainment center for young people and adults. It has mini gymnasiums and public areas, as well as various sports classes organized by the Municipality.


View of the lagoon and the trees of the Parque Ramón Castilla in Lince

(Photo: Municipality of Lince)

So get ready! Get your sneakers and your water bottle, because now that you know about these places, there’s no excuse to exercise! There’s no need to buy expensive equipment or pay for a gym membership, just show passion and perseverance.

Aerial view of the impressive Parque La Muralla