My first Pan American Games: Meet Aaron Nusbaum

My first Pan American Games: Meet Aaron Nusbaum

Aaron Nusbaum confessed that Lima 2019 will be his first Pan American Games

Aaron is one of Canada representatives in beach volleyball and it is his first time in the Pan American Games! Is he excited? Find out more about him in this press release!

Aaron told us that he started playing volleyball when he was 13... but he was really bad at it! Of course, he didn’t have the technical knowledge or training. In fact, he started playing football, hockey and volleyball, and it was only when he was 17 that he decided to really commit to volleyball. He spent four years playing indoor volleyball at the university and he entered the national beach volleyball team later.

It may be Aaron’s first Pan American Games, but he and his partner have been in a “world tour” for a couple of years now, competing in countries such as Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico, Cambodia, among others. And living amazing experiences!


Aaron Nusbaum, Lima 2019 beach volleyball

Photo: Fédération Internationale de Volleyball. Aguascalientes tournament (Mexico, 2018)

Aaron is happy to be in Lima 2019. One of the most exciting things is to have the opportunity to play free and have fun in the sport he likes the most. He told us that his bigger challenge so far has been to develop and perfect his skills over the years.

We asked him who he will be dedicating the medal to if he wins one, and he told us that it was the hardest question he was asked as there is many people he would want to thank; His parents, his team, and his coaches are only a few of the people that have helped him to be where he is right now. It has been a really big effort from everyone, he said.

Finally, he wanted to say to all people starting in this sport: There is nothing more important than commitment, because being committed with your goals is what takes you where you want to be.




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