Ten Peruvian dishes you cannot miss!

Ten Peruvian dishes you cannot miss!

Thanks to the Pan American Games, you will have the perfect reason to try dishes that have already won over palates around the world.

Soon after the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games had ended, Peru was introduced to the world in all its splendor. Lima became host city for one of the most important sporting events in the world.

Truth be told, although Peru has many attractions, the most representative one is its cuisine. So, here you will find ten Peruvian dishes you cannot miss at these Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

1. Ceviche

The list is topped by the country’s most emblematic dish. Nobody can resist the fresh taste of a good Ceviche. It is made with fish, but it can also be prepared with shellfish. It has a citrus dressing that brings out all the flavor.

Ceviche is definitely an option that you will feel like repeating over and over again.

Dish of Peruvian ceviche, emblematic dish from Peru

2. Lomo Saltado

This is a dish that all Peruvians love. We highly recommend it to anyone visiting our country for the first time. The beef tenderloin is sautéed in a pan with some vinegar and spices until it is cooked. It is then served with sides of French fries and rice.

Its origin dates back to the arrival of the Cantonese-Chinese immigrant population to Peru in the nineteenth century. They honed the delicious recipe of this dish, which visitors from far and wide want to try as soon as they land in Peru.

Lomo Saltado: a staple of Peruvian cuisine

3. Ají de Gallina

This list also includes Ají de Gallina. It consists of yellow chili cream with shredded chicken breast, served with boiled potatoes or rice. This dish is highly praised by all those who have tried it.

If you plan to attend or be close to the Lima 2019 Pan American Games events you certainly must try this dish.

Ají de Gallina: a dish you must try at these Pan American Games

4. Causa Limeña

In all honesty, this list would not be complete without the famous Causa Limeña. This dish is made from yellow potatoes (one of the 3000 types of Peruvian potatoes) and it is eye-catchingly presented in layers.

This famous dish has conquered everyone's hearts thanks to its sour taste, which results from a dash of lime juice added during preparation.


Freshly served Causa Limeña

5. Pachamanca

This meaning gives a very accurate description of how this dish is cooked. The ingredients are cooked under hot stones inside an underground hole. It is a dish that you must definitely try during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Pachamanca has been declared National Cultural Heritage of Peru

6. Arroz con Pollo

This dish was born in the eighteenth century as an alternative to Arroz con Pato. It has gradually won over all Peruvians. Even nowadays, it can be said that Peruvian cuisine would not be the same without Arroz con Pollo.

It is usually served with Papa a la Huancaína or Salsa Criolla. It can be found in any Peruvian restaurant.

Freshly served Arroz con Pollo

7. Tallarines a la Huancaína

It is considered one of the most delicious Peruvian dishes. It derives from Papa a la Huancaína. It may look like a simple dish because it consists of pasta served with Huancaína sauce, which is prepared with “queso fresco” (white cheese) and yellow chili. However, the sauce is the added value to the pasta or noodles because it provides a compelling flavor.

It is usually served with some meat, basically emphasizing its distinctive flavor.

Tallarines a la Huancaína served with beef.

8. Aguadito

Next on the list is a much-loved dish: Aguadito. It is a thick chicken soup including rice and other vegetables. It has a distinctive green color, which results from using a significant amount of cilantro. It is traditionally served in winter.

In short, if you want to try the best of Peruvian food, you cannot miss Aguadito.

Aguadito de Pollo, a traditional Peruvian dish

9. Tacu Tacu

Our list would not be complete without including Tacu Tacu. It is a traditional dish consisting of cooked rice and beans, sautéed with yellow chili. The ingredients are mixed in a pan until they turn into a dough-like mixture.

Tacu Tacu is a dish that is winning over more and more palates worldwide.


Tacu Tacu con Seco de Cabrito, a Peruvian Creole dish.

10. Pollo a la Brasa

Last but certainly not least, we have Pollo a la Brasa. Curiously, its consumption increases by 12% every time the Peruvian football team wins a match.

It consists of charcoal-roasted chicken cooked by means of a rotation system for uniform cooking. This iconic Peruvian dish is served with a side of French fries.

Pollo a la Brasa, an iconic Peruvian dish.  

We know that it is difficult to reach an agreement regarding Peruvian cuisine because of its great diversity. However, the most important fact is that Peruvian cuisine will win over all athletes and tourists who will visit us for the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games. Which Peruvian dishes do you think should be part of the list?

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Peruvian dishes that will win the hearts of athletes and tourists in Lima 2019