Three Extreme Sports you will see in Lima 2019

Three Extreme Sports you will see in Lima 2019

What are the best extreme sports that we will enjoy in Lima 2019? Learn more about them here.

If you have an adventurous personality and love to live to the fullest, you can't miss these three sports that will be present in Lima 2019


Canoe and extreme canoe slalom

Canoe is a quite popular aquatic sport which is practiced all over the world. However, the most popular versions of this sport are slalom and extreme slalom.

  • Canoe slalom is an event against the clock where participants navigate on waters through red (upstream) and green (downstream) “gates”. All courses are different, but they have a 300 m maximum length and a maximum of 25 gates, with a minimum of six gates upstream. Each race deals with balance, speed and control of the athlete who tests his capacity to read the water flow while on the course.
Slalom es una modalidad de canotaje
  • Extreme canoe slalom is a combination of all canoe disciplines. Adrenaline is guaranteed from the beginning. Four competitors jump from a 3 m platform. That is when the race starts until the finish line, in a course marked by buoys. Contact among canoes is allowed, this increases the excitement among spectators and athletes. In the Lima 2019 Games, the competition will take place in Río Cañete, at Lunahuaná.

Mountain bike and BMX

These two are the most extreme cycling disciplines you will be able to enjoy in Lima 2019.

  • What comes to your mind when you think about mountain bike? Let us help you. Imagine dozens of cyclists in undulating circuits of 5 to 9 km, cross country style, showing their courage and technique to face hits, jumps and other natural obstacles on the road. Races may last up to two hours and a half, depending on the category.
Valentina Muñoz participa en el circuito de ciclismo cross country de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud 2018
  • In the BMX Cycling races, there is a 350 m circuit alternating potholes, corners and flat sections, with eight cyclists jumping from a 8 m high ramp to finish the race as soon as possible. The battle for the first place is tough, since they need to finish among the first four to advance to the next round.

Open Water Swimming

  • There is no other aquatic sport more extreme than this since male and female athletes need to cover a 25 km distance swimming in open waters (open and natural spaces like the sea). However, in Lima 2019 there will only be one discipline known as Marathon, that is a total of 10km.
  • Haley Anderson nadando en Aguas Abiertas

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games will have sports we have very few chances of enjoying. If you want to see them live, get your tickets here!

Yevgeniy Fedorov en el circuito de ciclismo cross Buenos Aires 2018