Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 9 August 2019


Eve Jobs, the youngest daughter of Apple´s creator, talked to the volunteers at the Army Equestrian School in la Molina.

Eve Jobs

It was a short but meaningful conversation. The American bronze medal winner of the team jumping event, Eve Jobs, Steve Jobs’ daughter, talked to the volunteers of the Army Equestrian School in la Molina. She thanked them all for their support to competitors.

Easy going, Jobs took pictures with this group of young volunteers who wanted a memento of the event. They got around the security staff that accompanies her in these Pan American Games and took the pictures that she shared in her social media, showing the exciting experience of the Games in our capital city.

Jorge Farfán (20), volunteer and student of communication sciences, said that they hesitated at first to approach the athlete, because of her security. Then, he said that they relaxed a bit, and talked to her. Eve Jobs was really easy going and was took her time to share with them.

As an anecdote, he said that the day he was chosen as a volunteer he didn’t know what equestrian sports were about. A few minutes earlier, a message was sent to his e-mail confirming he was chosen as a volunteer for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and assigned to this competition.

In March 2019 he could not imagine that five months later, at the team jumping event,  he would be talking to Eve Jobs, the daughter Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple.  Beside this experience, Jorge highlighted that the organization has considered every detail to successfully deliver the most important multi-sport event of the region.

He has muscular sclerosis, an irreversible condition, a disease that blocks the orders that go from the brain to the muscles and makes him unable to walk. To move around, he uses an electric wheelchair, which allows him independently to undertake his daily tasks.

“That is what I think is the most important, because if the Organizing Committee had not thought about delivering inclusive Pan American Games, where people with impairments could be part of this unique event in the country, I would not be here. There are wheelchair accesses, special areas at each of the competition venues for people with impairments. These actions are a way of telling us that we are belong, that we can do things and that we are important,” he said.

The Pan American Games, as Jorge says, are not just the most important multi-sport event of the Americas, but the organization managed to include all Peruvians, without distinction, because we are all hosts. Let's all play!

Jobs y voluntarios