Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 2 August 2019


The venue was inaugurated and welcomed more than 2000 people in its grandstands.


Lima 2019 opened a new stage that was remodeled to be up to the best cyclists in the Americas. The velodrome of the VIDENA opened its doors to welcome more than 2000 people in its grandstands, who enjoyed the competition among the best teams in the Americas. 

Entire families and foreign visitors were placed in strategic positions to see the competition of the Peruvian Alonso Gamero. He thrilled everyone when he took the lead in the Omnium event, leaving behind the Chilean Felipe Peñaloza, the Mexican Ignacio Prado, and the American Daniel “Hollywood” Holloway, who took the title in 2017. 

The conditions of the remodeled stage also allowed the Peruvian Estephany Valdivia to set a new national record in 250 m with a time of 22.308. The fans burst into cheers right after the announcement of this record and recognized the effort of the Peruvian cyclists, who now have the best conditions to train and compete internationally. 

The velodrome has a track of 250 meters. The track is made of African wood and, thanks to the remodeling, it now has a ceiling that turns it into an indoor stage. 

It has a capacity of 2300 spectators, with comfortable seats. The width of the track is seven meters. It has cambers (elevation in the curves), with a 42-degree angle. The velodrome has changing rooms and showers, a common area for athletes, a judges' area, as well as first aid stations for athletes and spectators.