Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 10 September 2019


The meeting was organized by Universidad Continental, and the comptroller of the Republic, Nelson Shack, and the chairman of the Board of Petroperú, Carlos Paredes Lanatta also participated.

La reunión fue organizada por la Universidad Continental y también participaron el Contralor de la República, Nelson Shack y el presidente de Petroperú, Carlos Paredes Lanatta.

The Lima 2019 Games proved that Peruvians are capable of overcoming new challenges. We were capable of organizing the best Pan American and Parapan American Games in the history of the continent, implementing a new model of public management, renowned everywhere, which could be replicated in different government entities.

Therefore, the president of the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee, Carlos Neuhaus, was invited by Universidad Continental to participate in the panel discussion “The public management success of the Lima 2019 Games,” where he gave a presentation about the main achievements that led to the great organization of the largest multidisciplinary event of the continent, recognized by Panam Sports and the Americas Paralympic Committee.

“The Lima 2019 Games were executed because they were a State commitment, which I was able to join in September 2016, as an important challenge in my life. These Games were successful because we had close to 600 thousand spectators at the Pan American Games and over 170 thousand at the Parapan American Games, surpassing previous attendance records,” said Neuhaus.


“We worked under the Government-to-Government Agreement with the United Kingdom, which provided us with technical assistance, as they had experience organizing this type of event. This allowed us to optimize resources, such as reducing the towers in the Pan American and Parapan American Village. As part of the agreement, new management models were implemented, such as NEC, which was developed by engineers to avoid delays in the execution of infrastructure projects.”

“We worked alongside the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic, that carried out the pertinent controls, working from within the organization of Lima 2019, and all their observations were solved immediately.”

“We planned all projects, developed progress reports, as well as change management and cost management. We organized one of the few Games below the allocated budget, optimizing resources. We carried out 12 remodeling projects and built certified stages in VIDENA, Callao, Villa María del Triunfo and Villa El Salvador.”

“In terms of logistics, we served 700 thousand meal portions at the Pan American and Parapan American Games. We made 4000 trips during the Pan American Games and 2000 trips during the Parapan American Games. Not a single athlete was late for a competition thanks to the Pan American lane, which is already being removed. Medical services were available all day and we collected more samples for doping control than in Toronto. Security was fully in control and no inconveniences occurred. As for the Torch Relay, it was really exciting, and the ceremonies were amazing.”

“The volunteers and their great attitude played a significant role in the organization. Initially, 100 thousand people signed up, but only 28,000 received training. In the end, over 11,000 volunteers participated in the Games. Of that number, 622 were foreigners.”

“We applied all the purchasing systems for the planning of the Games. Close to 200 thousand goods were bought, among others, through the MyPerú purchasing program. More than 2500 jobs were created with this system.”

|“Being in charge of the organization has been a pleasant experience. This has been the best job I’ve ever had. Because here, we all play.”

“Teamwork was essential. We brought together people from the private sector, who helped speed up the project, and people from the public sector, who had a better understanding of government processes. Building this team was critical to making this organization a success. We had professionals from Peru and abroad, as well as people linked to sports,” added Carlos Neuhaus during his presentation, which received the applause of the entire auditorium.


The comptroller general of the Republic, Nelson Shack, and the chairman of the Board of Petroperú, Carlos Paredes Lanatta, as well as the former president of Servir, Juan Carlos Cortés, also participated in the presentation of Carlos Neuhaus They recognized the work carried out for the organization of Lima 2019.

“One of the reasons for the success of the Games has been knowing how to make decisions and solve issues, as well as the courage and leadership of Carlos Neuhaus, which was essential. The work team was committed,” said the comptroller during his participation.

Lima 2019 was in charge of 22 construction projects and finished them on time. They had a different legal framework than other construction projects. They were able to sign contracts according to the NEC model and had qualified assistance from the United Kingdom. They came to teach professional management. Forms of work, lie in private companies, were also applied. Our work with Lima 2019 was multidisciplinary and the reports were solved immediately. This was part of the recipe to make everything work. Regarding the comptroller general’s office, nothing’s going to happen later, because we have been involved in everything,” said Shack.

“The execution of Lima 2019 is a great source of pride and a great success. We have proven that we can do it. This model can be applied to large projects, with a similar mechanism,” he added.

Meanwhile, Carlos Paredes pointed out that Lima 2019 will leave a new method for managing the public sector. “It is a legacy that proves that things can be done right. Carlos Neuhaus proved that we can do it. We are now applying the same control method in the Talara refinery and working with the PMO that was implemented in Lima 2019,” he stated.

At the end of the panel discussion, Carlos Neuhaus received the “Medalla Universitaria Continental” from the university, for his distinguished services in favor of the successful delivery of the Lima 2019 Games.


This was the first time that Peru organized the largest multidisciplinary sports event of the Americas and the most significant sports event in the world, after the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At the Pan American Games, over 6600 athletes from across the continent participated in 39 sports and 61 disciplines, during 17 days of competition, between July 26 and August 11. A total of 21 competitions were qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

At the Parapan American Games, close to 1800 Para athletes from 30 countries participated in 17 sports and 18 disciplines. The Peruvian delegation consisted of 139 Para athletes, who competed in 16 of the 17 sports. Competitions took place at 14 venues from August 22 to September 1, 2019. The Parapan American Games granted quotas for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in 13 Para sports.