Juegos Panamericanos; Juegos Parapanamericanos; Lima 2019; Carlos Neuhaus Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 14 October 2019


At the National Society of Industries, the president of Lima 2019 stated that one of the main decisions that helped the delivery of the Games was the optimization of resources.

En la Sociedad Nacional de Industrias, el Presidente de Lima 2019 afirmó que una de las principales decisiones que ayudó en la realización de los Juegos fue la optimización de recursos.

In front of an auditorium of representatives from various companies and trades that participate in the 19th edition of Quality Week, the president of the Lima 2019 Games Organizing Committee, Carlos Neuhaus Tudela, presented the “Reasons for Lima 2019’s Success,” as a management model for large projects.

In this event, organized by the National Society of Industries through the Industrial Development Center, Neuhaus presented the key factors that influenced the delivery and organization of the most important multi-sports celebration in the continent, which was considered as the best in history by international organizations.

Among the reasons for success, Neuhaus pointed out the implementation of a new procurement, innovation and transparency model, with tools like the NEC, for a new project management, which allowed delivering the Games with a lower budget than that originally planned.

Furthermore, Neuhaus emphasized the transparent hiring process for construction works, the new management model, the view of legacy, technical assistance and transfer of knowledge were all possible thanks to the Government-to-Government Agreement signed with the UK.

The president of lima 2019 stated that one of the main decisions that helped to deliver the Games was the optimization of resources, such as only building the necessary towers in the Pan American and Parapan American Village and transferring the Sports Center in San Isidro to Villa El Salvador. Thus, Lima 2019 cost less than the programmed budget, which has not been the case in other Games that went over their initial budgets.

Neuhaus highlighted the major projects carried out by his organization, such as the National Sports Village (Videna), the main competition center during the Games; the Villa El Salvador Sports Center; the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center; the Callao Regional Sports Village; the National University of San Marcos stadium; and the High-performance Surf Center in Punta Rocas.

In this context, Neuhaus said that, thanks to Lima 2019, Peru has quality sports infrastructure that is already being used for different events, such as the National School Sports Games in Videna, the National Hockey Championship in the fields of Villa María del Triunfo and volleyball tournaments in Callao.

After his presentation, Carlos Neuhaus received a recognition from Luis Tenorio, the director of the Industrial Development Center of the National Society of Industries and was applauded by the audience.