Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 29 July 2019


Pan American athletes are having a great time at the accommodation venue thanks to the shows performed there.


While several venues are holding sports competitions, the Pan American Village is living a permanent celebration. This is the result of a series of shows aimed at making athletes have fun and enjoy their stay in Peru. Peruvian cajon ensembles and lively parades spread the high spirits across the Village. The visiting delegations will be able to take home the best memories of this atmosphere.

Many athletes, such as the Jamaica representatives, started dancing to the beat of the cajon in the middle of the residence, while the volunteers watched and thoroughly enjoyed the Peruvian music being played. Then, a batucada and mime show began, amusing everybody at the Village international zone. The American athletes also joined in the dance as a way to lighten the mood amid the competitive environment they face.

In the evening, several artists and bands perform live. An example is the band Río, who will be playing the songs that made them into one of Peru’s most important rock and pop bands.

Without a doubt, the Village is now flooded with joy and camaraderie shared by the thousands of athletes staying in the seven buildings and 1096 apartments which make up the main accommodation venue.

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