Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 7 August 2019


The closing will be effective from 22:00 on Friday, August 9 and until midnight on Saturday, August 10.

Ciclismo de ruta

The Circuito de Playas – Costa Verde will be the stage of Lima 2019 Pan American Games road cycling time trial and individual events, where 91 of the best cyclists of the Americas will gather.

The competitions were held this Wednesday, August 7 and will resume on Saturday, August 10. The Costa Verde will be closed again, from the San Miguel district to the Chorrillos district.

Jacqueline Lobrano, Lima 2019 Spectator Services head said that people has various pedestrian accesses to go cheer for their favorite athletes: In San Miguel, the Jhon Lennon bridge; in Magdalena, the Bajada Brasil bridge; in San Isidro, the María Reiche bridge and in Miraflores, the Bajada Balta bridge.

She advised spectators not to bring pets to the competitions as they may run away, interrupt the circuit or cause a serious accident. Spectators must not throw water or bottles at cyclists as the road must be completely free.

The Traffic Director of the Peruvian National Police Jorge Lam, said that until now, no inconvenient has been reported on the closing of the Costa Verde, as enough police agents have been deployed in all alternative routes where traffic load has been identified.

Lam asked drivers and pedestrian to understand that routes closing is due to an international sport event in which everyone should cooperate.

Closing on Saturday, August 10

The Costa Verde circuit will be closed again on Friday, August 9 from 22:00 until Saturday, August 10 at midnight, from the exit to Av. Universitaria to the exit of Av. Huaylas. The Avenida del Ejército will also remain closed, from Av. Coronel Portillo to the “Manuel Bonilla” Sports Center. The section between the exit to Av. Brasil to the exit of Av. Huaylas will be opened from 18:30 on August 10.



From North to South:

Av. Costanera - Av. Bertolotto – Av. Comandante Espinar – Av. Brasil (Este-Oeste) - Av. Del Ejército – Av. Augusto Pérez Araníbar – Av. Coronel Pedro Portillo (West-East) – Av. General Juan Antonio Pezet– Av. Belén (East-West)- Av. General Córdova – Av. Santa Cruz (East-West) – Av. Aviación– Av. Malecón Cisneros – Av. Malecón de la Reserva – Av. Armendáriz – Bajada Armendáriz-(East-West).

From South to North:

Bajada Armendáriz (West-East) - Av. Almirante Miguel Grau - Av. Almirante Miguel Grau – Av. Reducto – Av. Armendáriz (East-West) – Av. José Larco (West-East) – Av. José Pardo- Av. Del Ejército – Augusto Pérez Araníbar – Av. Del Ejército – Jr. Diego Ferré – Av. Antonio José de Sucre (West-East) – Jr. Salaverry – Jr. Federico Gállese – Av. La Paz.


The women’s individual road will start at 09:00. The 33 participants will run six laps (79.8 km).

This event will have a mass start in a pack. The first cyclist to cross the finish line will be the winner. At 13:00, the men’s event will start, with 44 athletes who will run 13 laps (172.9 km) in the same circuit.