Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 11 August 2019


It will return for the Parapan American Games on August 24.


With a record attendance of over 300,000 people in 14 days, Culturaymi, the Lima 2019 cultural program, ended along with the Pan American Games at Parque de la Exposición with colorful parades, spectacular fireworks and the popular band Bareto, as a grand finale. 

Their most popular songs ignited the last night of the Fun Fest stage before thousands of spectators. "Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo," "No juegue con el diablo," "Mujer hilandera" and "Elsa" songs resounded at the auditorium and were sang by a euphoric crowd. However, the climax started with "Cariñito", one of its emblematic themes. 

A couple of minutes before, on the same stage, the theater group Yuyachkani performed “Con-cierto Olvido” and then Maria de Son, a band inspired by “tunantada” of the Valley of Mantaro with a contemporary fusion proposal. 

Culturaymi became the cultural festival during almost two weeks of intense days that showcased culture, entertainment, music on two stages, crafts, gastronomy, art, history and much more. Everything was done in one place, in a large space such as the Parque de la Exposición, and with free access.  

This enormous project uniting sport by promoting values and setting a great precedent in for the delivery of cultural activities in our country, returns on August 24 after the opening ceremony of the Parapan American Games and will end on August 31.  

It had a large number of spectators and the experience was very positive. There are already high expectations for its reopening on next Saturday 24 at the Parque de la Exposición and remember: access is completely free! 

Among the artists that will be part of this new edition of Culturaymi are Dina Páucar, Damaris, Pamela Rodríguez, Frágil, Colectivo Circo Band and Laguna Pai. 

There will also be plays for children and adults, dancing, workshops and parades. 
Milco, the official mascot of the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games will also be there. 

Milco can also be found at the official Lima 2019 gifts shop, in various items that are ideal for gifts. 

Culturaymi is not over, it will return on August 24 with many options to promote culture and sport.