Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 6 August 2019


Both teams had the unconditional support of fans at the softball stadium at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center.

Foto: Prensa Libre

Villa María del Triunfo district was the stage for an exciting fan battle, as part of the match between Peru and Venezuela,for the preliminary round of women’s softball. This sport brings together the most experienced players in the Americas. 

During the match, Peruvian fans claimed their status as hosts with their usual chants, while Venezuelan fans sang their own softball chants.

Both fanbases cheered on their teams in each inning, trying to outdo each other in terms of passion and energy at all times. In each grandstand, fans sang so joyfully that the stadium came alive with celebration. It seemed as if the championship final were taking place.

The match result was not favorable for Peru, as they lost 5-3 against the Venezuelan team. In spite of this, Peruvian spectators’ support remained constant until the end of the match. With this event, the opening day of women’s softball competitions came to an end.

The Peruvian women’s softball team coach, Manuel Llames Cabrera, stated that “fans are the eleventh player, so their presence is very important for us. Their constant support is very valuable because they can see the results of the team’s demanding training.”

At the end of the match, the Peruvian team thanked their fans for cheering on them. Even though the Peruvian team did not win, it remains clear that they will always be supported by their fans in upcoming competitions.