Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 2 August 2019


Lots of people turned up at the stadium of the National University of San Marcos once again. However, the Peruvian men’s football team failed to achieve its first win.


The best fans in the world were the focus during the second match of the Peruvian football team at the stadium of the National University of San Marcos. More than 15,000 spectators encouraged the Peruvian football team during the second day of men’s football competition. Even tough Peru drew 2-2 with Honduras, the team has a chance to advance to the men's football semifinals. 

The team, coached by Nolberto Solano, was winning 2-0 but could not maintain this result. However, the chances of qualifying to the semifinals have not faded. Peru will face Jamaica on Sunday, July 4, at 20:30 and will seek its first victory and the qualification. The fans’ attendance will be crucial to cheer on the Peruvian team to achieve this goal. 

After the second day of the competition, Honduras ranked second with four points. However, the Peruvian team's advantage is knowing the Honduras’ result before the match on Sunday.  The Peruvian football team would have the possibility of qualifying to semifinals if it wins by a good goal difference and Honduras loses against Argentina. This will be hard but not impossible. 

The Pan American Games matches are governed by the FIFA rules. During the first stage, three points are awarded per victory and one point per tie. The top two teams of each group advance to the semifinals. Ties will be settled with 30 minutes extra-times and if scores are still tied, a penalty shootout will be played.