Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 8 August 2019


Spectators joined world-class cyclists along the entire Costa Verde race circuit.

Ciclismo de ruta
Foto: Andina

A perfect match: the 41 athletes competing in road cycling gave their all, and the spectators cheered enthusiastically while also behaving in an orderly manner and respecting the competition circuit, which went from San Miguel to Chorrillos.

In addition, the Peruvian National Police (PNP) was present in the area from the early morning to control traffic flow due to the Costa Verde closure and to guide drivers on which alternative routes to take.

The combination of these three elements resulted in a clean, trouble-free competition, complying fully with the road closure plan and the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee recommendations.

Starting at 8:00, spectators began to arrive all along the Lima coast to watch one of the road sports featured at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, which requires significant effort and physical endurance. The access descents to the circuit were well signaled by the organizers, and volunteers were always ready to guide people on where to go for the best views of the competition.

At 9:45, 20 female cyclists began the Individual time trial event, starting and ending at the Costa Verde San Miguel venue. The athletes cycled along 18.5 kilometers, going through six districts on the route: San Miguel, Magdalena, San Isidro, Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos, with spectators cheering and clapping throughout.

Two and a half hours later, at 12:15, the 21 male cyclists began this event, which ran along the same course as the women’s event, with a total of 37 kilometers.

The women's event was won by American Chloe Dygert, who recorded a time of 23:36.51, while the men’s race saw Daniel Martínez Poveda come first with a time of 44:22.17.

To provide better service to the spectators, the Games organizers arranged transportation for wheelchair users, taking them from Parque Media Luna (San Miguel) to the competition venue and back.

Individual Road

The individual road event will be held on Saturday, August 10. The women’s event will start at 9:00 and will include 33 competitors who will cycle along 79.8 kilometers (six laps) on the circuit between the Costa Verde San Miguel venue (start and end point) and Pampilla beach in Miraflores.


The Lima 2019 Organizing Committee has some recommendations for the spectators who will be supporting the athletes during this competition:

  • Do not throw objects to the competition track.
  • Do not throw water at the athletes.
  • Do not interfere with the marathon circuit.
  • Do not bring pets because they could run away and interrupt the competition.

It is also worth mentioning that, on the two competition days, access will be restricted for beachgoers and individuals carrying bicycles.