Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 30 July 2019


The athlete from Piura competed against the best weightlifters of the Americas and placed sixth in his category.

Foto: Perú 21

Peru’s hopes to win a new medal were in Hernán Viera. The strongest man in Peru competed in the 109 kg category, and that is why he wanted to make an excellent presentation. However, the sports tapes in his arms showed that he was competing with some pain.

Despite this, Viera did his best to make it to the podium, but his opponents were also willing to do anything, such as Ecuador’s Jorge Arroyo who set a new Pan American record with 190 kg in snatch.

Peru’s Viera managed to lift 140 kg in snatch and 180 kg in clean and jerk, for a total of 320 kg. At all times, Viera had the support of the Peruvian fans. However, many Venezuelan fans who arrived at Coliseo Mariscal Cáceres de Chorrillos to cheer on their athletes also encouraged our weightlifter out of gratitude.

In the end, the judge’s decision was not easy. American Wesley Kitts was awarded the gold medal after lifting a total of 389 kg, one kg more than Venezuela’s Jesús González, who was awarded silver. The bronze medal was awarded to Jorge Arroyo, who lifted a total of 385 kg after setting a new record in snatch. For clean and jerk, Arroyo got injured after the first attempt and was not able to lift more than 195 kg. This way he made it to the podium with the bronze medal.

Hernán Viera reached sixth place and was not able to bring joy to Peru. Weightlifting competitions at Mariscal Cáceres Coliseum in Chorrillos finish tomorrow. Attendees were able to see the best weightlifters of the Americas; some of them are junior world champions and Pan American champions. Angie Castro will be the last Peruvian weightlifter to compete in the 87 kg category. She hopes to win the second medal in this sport after the bronze medal won by Luis Bardalez. Women’s +89 kg and men’s +109 kg competitions will be held tomorrow.