Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 10 August 2019


Men’s kata team defeated Mexico and climbed to the top of the podium in an unforgettable afternoon for Peruvian Karate in Villa El Salvador.

Kata masculino

There is nothing impossible when dreams are big. More than a motivational phrase applied to the sport, the Peruvian men’s kata team uses it for life. Carlos Lam, John Trebejo and Oliver Del Castillo have won many gold medals in the Olympic cycle, but none like the one earned at home with the support of thousands of people. This will remain in the history of Peruvian sport. 

The tears in their eyes, the sincere hugs with their parents, who were in the first row, and the hundreds of memories in their minds, closed on a high note this wonderful afternoon. The results of the seven judges declared them as winners with a score of 25.48 out of 24.20 from Mexico, and the emotions overflow. 

The four-minute routine of the Peruvians were applauded by the audience at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center and athletes felt that energy. “It’s a unique experience to win a medal at home. In fact, we were shaking when we heard the applauses for us and my teammates who also got medals on this unforgettable day,” said Carlos Lam. 

Meanwhile, John Trebejo thanked all the people who played a significant role in this achievement. “It’s been many years of training. In every competition we participated in, we always dreamed of this moment at home. Everyone plays a significant role, especially our sensei Jimmy Moreno, who trained us for each of our presentations on the tatami,” he added. 

Lam, Trebejo and Del Castillo have been part of the team since they were very young. They have won South American and Pan American championships, and open international tournaments, but none like the golden medal earned at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center. They feel they have touched the heaven with their hands.