Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 6 August 2019


“I’ve never played with so many people supporting me,” stated the athlete, who assured that he is living a dream in the Games.

 Peruvian fronton player Cristopher Martínez about to strike the ball back to Mexican Isaac Pérez during fronton qualification at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center, at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games

The match lasted only 14 minutes, but it was enough to receive the warming support of the Peruvian fans at the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center.  

This was the experience of Kevin Martínez, Peruvian champion on Paleta fronton for the last seven years, consecutively. “I have no words, it’s awesome. I’ve never played with so many people in my favor, I have played matches with lots of attendance, but almost 90% of it was against me and now I’m living a dream,” he stated. 

Today, he is one of the favorites to win a gold medal and he is already on his way. On his debut, on Sunday, he had already received the support of the fans and today, he beat Mexican Isaac Pérez in the Peruvian fronton competition. “It was an honor that Isaac decided to play our sport (Peruvian fronton), because he is one of the best exponents of Basque pelota and, for that reason, I appreciate he decided to experience it,” stated the national champion. 

“We've been dreaming for so many years that people know this is a Peruvian sport and they will now know we get the best results. They will want to play it, this sport will expand and that’s what we want, we want that everyone knows it,” added Kevin Martinez.   

Kevin still has two matches to play in the qualifying stage that will allow him to win the gold medal. Tomorrow, he will play against Salvador Espinoza from United States and on August 7, against Guillermo Osorio from Argentina, both matches start at noon at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center. 

“The level is very even, that’s why I know I must play five finals to get to the podium. I have to win and mark the difference,” stated Kevin, who also mentioned that these triumphs are dedicated to Peru.