Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 4 August 2019


The Peruvian combination put in an excellent performance at the Army Equestrian School that has received many families.


Spectacular jumps and obstacles in the water and ring were performed at the equestrian sports venue in La Molina, where many families gathered to see the best athlete/horse combinations in the continent in the eventing individual (cross-country) and team competitions.

This venue had moments of excitement and tension when the Colombian rider Mauricio Bermúdez fell into the “Titicaca Lake” water obstacle in the cross-country ring.

The Peruvian combination delivered an excellent performance in the ring, and three of four riders qualified. They are Diego Farje with Qouter; Marcelino Cárdenas with Vento, and Juan José Luis Francia with Alpacino Z.

In the team event, the Peruvian representatives also qualified together with the United States, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico. The international competition continues tomorrow starting at 10:00 with the eventing individual (jump finals) and team (jumping qualifier) competitions, where medalists will be determined.

The Army Equestrian School has an eventing circuit (cross-country), with 4600 m of new grass.

Besides, the main stage for jumping and dressage: three tracks for competition, warm-up and training, made of silica sand, with a total of 19,500 m2, built according to the standards and requirements of the International Equestrian Federation.

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