Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 30 July 2019


They cheered on with songs the U-22 Peruvian team at the San Marcos Stadium.

hinchada fútbol

A large crowd moved through the Stadium of the National University of San Marcos just minutes before the first day of competition of the U-22 Peruvian team against Uruguay. They headed towards the entrance of the stadium, singing the famous songs that have made them the best fans in the world. 

The stands of the remodeled Stadium of the National University of San Marcos were full of fans dressed in red and white.  

Regardless of the final result, the fans will always support the Peruvian team. They rely on the ability and skills of the team led by Nolberto Solano.  

Therefore, they cheered on the eleven football players, who would give their best.  

In this way, Peruvian fans claimed their position as hosts of the most important multi-sports event of the Americas.