Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 11 August 2019


The athlete claimed the 11th gold medal for Peru at this historic edition of the Pan American Games.


With tears in her eyes, after a rewarding outcome for her unrelenting effort, karateka Alexandra Grande made it to the top of the podium after winning the gold medal in karate – kumite. As a result, Peru achieved a new historic record of 11 gold medals. 

The Lima 2019 Ambassador had to push herself to the limit to win the championship in the -61 kg category and clinch her second Pan American gold, after her victory at Toronto 2015. This made her the second Peruvian woman to win two gold medals at the Pan American Games, after Natalia Cuglievan. 

In an emotional afternoon at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center, the Peruvian fans became Ale’s best ally, as their cheering shook the grandstands. The Lima 2019 Ambassador finally got her revenge against Venezuelan Claudymar Garcés, who was the only opponent that had defeated her in the first round of competition. 

Alexandra Grande burst into tears when she found out she had defeated the Venezuelan athlete with a 6-1 final score. She kneeled and thanked the spectators and her sensei, Roberto Reyna. The Peruvian sportswoman’s excitement was at its top when she hugged her parents, who were her first role models in martial arts. 

With this victory, the Lima 2019 Ambassador obtained the 11th gold medal for Peru, a record number that beats all Peruvian participations in this type of events. This is an unforgettable memory of Lima 2019, where hard work paid off for Peruvian athletes like Alexandra Grande, who has always strived to be the best.