Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 25 July 2019


The road plan of this competition includes the closure of Costa Verde, between Barranco and Chorrillos, and its surrounding streets.


This July 27, the population of Lima will be able to encourage the athletes who will participate in Triathlon at the Costa Verde Beach Circuit. The competition will begin at 10:00 for women and at 13:00 for men.

Two days later, on 29 July, the competitors will test their endurance in the relay events starting from 09:00. This road sport will take place in the districts of Barranco and Chorrillos, and it is one of the disciplines that will be free of charges.

Triathlon comprises three sports disciplines. The participants must complete a swim course of 1.5 km, ride their bikes over a 40-km course, and run 10 km. The Peruvian team is made up of Ada Bravo, Blanca Kometter, José Gómez de la Torre, and Rodrigo Bravo, who will seek to win a medal in both categories.

First, triathlon athletes will compete in a swim course of 1.5 km at the Agua Dulce beach in Chorrillos. There, they will do two laps of 350 meters each, 50 meters parallel from the shore, and 350 meters again to return to the shore.

After passing through the transition between disciplines, they will begin their cycling competition (40 kilometers). Triathletes will ride six laps starting from the Agua Dulce beach, crossing the Huaylas Avenue, heading to the Malecón Grau, where they will make a “U” turn, in anti-clockwise direction, to go towards the curve of Los Pavos beach.

Therefore, The Peruvian National Police and the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games Organizing Committee have coordinated the implementation of a road plan that allows athletes to give a good performance. For the correct development of this competition, it is necessary to close the streets:

  • From Friday, July 26 at 23:01 to July 27 at 16:40.
  • As for the relay events scheduled for July 29, the restriction will begin on Sunday, July 28, from 23:01 to 12:15 of the competition day.

Finally, the race course (10 kilometers) includes four laps between the Pescadores beach and the Lima Marina Club.

So, the streets that will be affected by the road closure are: the Malecón Grau Avenue (Bajada Huaylas) at the level of the Balarezo Street and the Malecón Grau Avenue (Bajada Huaylas) at the level of the Aguirre Street.

Other affected roads will be: the Cruz and Vílchez Avenues, Jirón José M. Barrionuevo, and their intersections with the Malecón Grau Avenue (Bajada Huaylas), as well as the Vía Expresa of the Costa Verde between Los Pavos beach and Agua Dulce beach. 

Some alternative routes are:

  • To the south: Almirante Grau, El Sol, Libertador San Martín, Pedro de Osma, Chorrilos, and José Olaya.
  • To the north: Alejandro Iglesias, Chorrillos, Pedro de Osma, 28 de Julio, Almirante Miguel Grau, and Reducto.


The Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games Organizing Committee has some recommendations for the spectators attending the competitions:

  • Do not throw objects to the competition track.
  • Do not throw water to the athletes.
  • Do not interfere with the competition circuit.
  • Do not bring pets to the venues, as they may burst into the competition zone.
  • Respect the road closure necessary for the competition.

About Lima 2019

The Lima 2019 Games Opening Ceremony will be held at the National Stadium of Peru on July 26, 2019. This continental event will gather 6680 athletes from 41 countries and delegations from the Americas.

There will be 17 days of competitions and ceremonies between July 26 and August 11, which will take place in 14 districts of Lima and Callao. Some venues are the VIDENA, Villa María Sports Center, Callao Regional Village, Villa El Salvador Sports Center, Punta Rocas, among others.

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games will include 39 sports and 61 disciplines, in which athletes will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. A total of 21 disciplines are qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Parapan American Games will gather 1890 Para athletes from 33 countries, participating in 17 sports and 18 disciplines. Competitions will take place from August 23 to September 1, 2019, and the most qualified athletes from 13 sports will get quotas for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.