Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 9 September 2019


Through the campaign “Soy Lima 2019,” now in its second stage, the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee distributed free tickets for schoolchildren to attend various competitions.

Gracias a la segunda etapa de la campaña “Soy Lima 2019”, la organización de los Juegos les entregó gratuitamente las entradas para que vieran diversas competencias.

Over 8000 students from 22 public schools (IE) of Metropolitan Lima saw the best Para athletes in action, during the 10 days of Parapan American Games competitions. This was possible thanks to the free tickets provided by the Organizing Committee, as part of the second stage of the “Soy Lima 2019” campaign.

Some of the most exciting images of Lima 2019 include the children and teenagers cheering on the Para athletes in the competition venues, and their excitement when witnessing how, with determination and courage, athletes were able to win medals.

The schools that participated in this second stage of the campaign were: Nº 6070 Héroes del Alto Cenepa, Nº 4016 Néstor Gambeta, Nº 5022 Francisco Izquierdo Ríos, Nº 6056 Santa Rosa Alta, Nº 6067 Juan Velasco Alvarado, Nº 7216 Villa de Jesús, Nº 7077 Virgen del Carmen, Nº 6069 Pachacútec, Nº 5084 Carlos Phillips, Nº 1204 Villa Jardín, Nº 6081 Manuel Scorza Torres, Nº 7228 Peruano Canadiense, Nº 1216 Miguel Grau Seminario, Manuel Seoane Corrales, República de Bolivia, Nº 7095 Perú Italia, Nº 7057 Soberana Orden de Malta, Nº 7094 Sasakawa, Nº 6004 Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo, Nº 6059 Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Nº 6093 Coronel Juan Valer Sandoval and Juan Guerrero Quimper.

Thanks to this initiative, these students learned the Olympic and Paralympic values of courage and determination and that, although the road to success is a long one, they can make it to the finish line with dedication and effort.

It is worth noting that the students’ participation was coordinated with the Ministry of Education through the Regional Bureau of Education of Metropolitan Lima (DRELM) and the Regional Bureau of Education of Callao (DREC).


The Lima 2019 Organizing Committee developed this initiative in April 2019, to be carried out in three stages. The first consisted of visiting different schools in Metropolitan Lima to spread the Olympic and Paralympic values of equality, inspiration, courage and determination through activations, socio-cultural programs and the presence of high-performance athletes.

The second stage of this campaign gave students the opportunity to learn about new Para sports disciplines by attending competitions at sports venues, in order to raise awareness and inspire more children to achieve a society that can provide greater opportunities to people with an impairment.

The students were accompanied by teachers, parents and/or personnel of the Regional Bureau of Education of Metropolitan Lima (DRELM) and the Regional Bureau of Education of Callao (DREC).

Finally, the third and last stage will consist of applying what has been learnt in the educational classes of the Pan American and Parapan American Games. This way, during their school hours, students will be able to learn about the values and benefits of these activities and the new sports disciplines that were contested for the first time in Peru.


This teaching methodology will take place in 20 sessions, lasting 45 to 90 minutes, where students can expand their understanding of diverse topics related to Lima 2019, so they can discover their skills and live a healthy life through sports.