Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 6 August 2019


The street closure plan will be carried out on August 4 and 11, from 00:00 to 15:00 from Óvalo de Miraflores to Calle Tarata.


One of the most expected events of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games is the race walk competition. It will be held on August 4 and 11 in Miraflores district and will be free of charges for all spectators. For this reason, the organizing committee provided recommendations for attendees to maintain a respectful behavior towards athletes.  

The women’s 20 km race walk will be held on August 4 and will start at 08:00. On the other hand, the men’s 20 km race walk will start at 10:30. The women’s and men’s 50 km walk race will be held on August 11 and will start at 07:00.  

The route, to be followed by the athletes in both events, will start and finish at Av. José Larco (close to the Municipality of Miraflores), up to the intersection with Calle Tarata. Then, the return will be along the same streets up to Óvalo de Miraflores. The race circuit is 1 km; therefore, the athletes will have to walk 20 and 50 laps, as appropriate.  

Respect for the Athlete 

Jacqueline Lobrano, Lima 2019, Spectator Services head said that people have various pedestrian accesses to go and cheer for their favorite local and foreign athletes. She also encouraged to behave appropriately for the best development of the competition.  

"As spectators, we should know that throwing objects to the competition track, throwing water at the athletes (there are special hydration stations) and taking pets (they may run away, enter the track and cause athletes to be disqualified) are not allowed," she said.  

We should not obstruct the circuit but respect the announced road closure duly announced by the Lima 2019 Pan American Games Organizing Committee, the Peruvian National Police (PNP) and the Municipality of Miraflores.  

The race walk is a progression of steps so that the walker is always making contact with the ground. The advancing leg must be straightened (i.e., not bent at the knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright position. 

Peruvian Team 

he Peruvian women’s team is comprised of Mary Luz Andía, the race walking world’s top ten, Kimberly García, Evelyn Inga and Yoci Caballero Meanwhile, the men’s team is made up of José Carlos Mamani and Luis Henry Campos. 

In April 2019, the Peruvian women’s team won the Pan American Race Walking Cup in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Mexico. 

The Peruvian team is confident about reaching the podium at Lima 2019. However, they will compete against 28 athletes from different countries (14 women and 14 men). Around five thousand people are expected to attend the event and root for their favorite athletes along the route.  

Detour Plan  

To ensure the optimal development of the race walk competition, the Lima 2019 Pan American Games Organizing Committee, the Municipality of Miraflores, and the Peruvian National Police (PNP) informed that the street closure plan would be carried out on August 4 and 11, from 00:00 to 15:00. 

Closed streets: 

  • Av. José Larco, from Óvalo de Miraflores to Calle Tarata 

  • Av. Diagonal, from Óvalo de Miraflores to Calle Schell 

  • Calle Bellavista, from Calle Berlín to Av. José Pardo 

  • Calle Mártir José Olaya, from Av. Diagonal to Av. José Pardo 

  • Calle Schell, from Av. José Larco to Av. Diagonal 

  • Av. José Pardo (Westbound), from Calle Bellavista to Óvalo de Miraflores  

Alternative routes: 

  •  Westbound: Av. José Pardo- Av. Jorge Chávez – Calle José Gálvez – Av. Diagonal – Av. Benavides – Av. La Paz – Av. Ricardo Palma 

  •  Eastbound: Av. Ricardo Palma – Av. Petit Thouars – Jr. Gonzales Prada – Calle Enrique Palacios – Av. Comandante Espinar – Av. José Pardo. 

  •  Northbound: Av. José Pardo- Av. Benavides – Av. La Paz – Av. Ricardo Palma – Av. Petit Thouars – Jr. Gonzales Prada – Calle Enrique Palacios – Av. Comandante Espinar – Av. José Pardo. 

  •  Southbound: Av. Arequipa – Calle Enrique Palacios – Calle Elías Aguirre – Av. Grau – Calle José Gonzales – Av. Diagonal