Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 26 July 2019


Outstanding Peruvian and international artists, and the prestigious Italian show producer Balich Worldwide Shows, are in charge of the Lima 2019 Games ceremonies.


Outstanding Peruvian and international artists, and the prestigious Italian show producer Balich Worldwide Shows, are in charge of the Lima 2019 Games ceremonies.

Just one day before the Lima 2019 Pan American Games Opening Ceremony, the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee introduced the creative team and the artists that will take part in the opening of the most important sports event in the Americas, to take place at the National Stadium on Friday, July 26, 2019.

The best-kept secret of Lima 2019 was revealed in a press conference. The “dream team”, tasked with showing the best of Peru to the world in the four ceremonies, was introduced at a press conference. The events promise to be exciting and captivating from beginning to end.

These important ceremonies will be produced by Italian company Balich Worldwide Shows, an international leader in the live entertainment industry. Some of its team members oversaw the Torino 2006, Sochi 2014, and Rio 2016 Olympic ceremonies.

Among the attendees were Juan Antonio Silva, Lima 2019 Communications, Commercial and Marketing manager; Simone Merico, Balich Worldwide Shows Business manager; Marina Charún, Head of the Lima 2019 Ceremonies Functional Area; and Lucía Navarro, responsible for the Lima 2019 Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Outstanding Peruvians and international artists, members of the creative team taking part in the Opening Ceremony were also in attendance: Lucho Quequezana, musical director; Francisco Negrín, creative director; Vania Masías, choreography director; and Pepe Corzo, costume and props designer.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all the creative team. Your commitment was more than a contractual duty. These two teams have come together with the purpose of crafting the most important cultural event in the history of Peru; and this is no overstatement. It will be a tour throughout the country, where the natural and cultural wealth of Peru will be celebrated. We want to take this huge opportunity, because it is estimated that 400 million people around the world will set their eyes on Peru”, Silva stated.

Meanwhile, the BWS Business Director talked about how the joint efforts of two teams from different cultures were able to pull off a world-class show that reflects Peru.

“This journey ending tomorrow has been very special for us. The main reason—maybe due to the cultural similarities—is that we find great team members in the ceremony Organizing Committee. When we found the correct chemistry, alchemy and empathy, everything was so much easier. The team was very passionate, professional, and close to us. We combined perfectly a top-level international team, experienced in this type of events, with a group of outstanding talented Peruvian artists,” he emphasized.

Negrín also pointed out that the purpose of this great show is for Peruvians to feel proud of what they are, and remember the characteristics of their culture that define them.

“I started this project though I'm not Peruvian, and it is clearly a huge responsibility to showcase Peru, not only to the world but also to Peruvians. This process began when I met Pepe Corzo, who introduced me to Peruvian culture and to the most creative Peruvians, who I had to work with to craft this ceremony. Through their eyes I could see the cultural , natural, ethnic and gastronomic wealth that I already knew existed in this country, and it was like a tsunami for me. I understood what was important for them to tell, and for Peruvians to see.”

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games Opening ceremony will be held this Friday, July 26, at the National Stadium. Around 50,000 people are expected to be present in the grandstands and boxes Delegations of the 41 countries will parade, and over 6700 athletes will be received with applause from the crowd.

The show will feature 1700 artists on stage, including dancers, acrobats, and live musicians, who will bring the most amazing Peruvian landscapes to the stadium and will light up the Peruvian sky with the history of the Pan American Games.


Outstanding Peruvian artists will be part of the big multidisciplinary creative team that will turn the Opening Ceremony into a 100% Peruvian event. Choreography director Vania Masías has spent several months training and holding auditions for volunteer dancers. Musician and songwriter Lucho Quequezana, responsible for the musical direction, is meticulously preparing every sound and musical note.

Pepe Corzo will show off his talent in designing unique costumes and props portraying Peruvian culture. Furthermore, Pauchi Sasaki is planning a surprise for us that will shake the National Stadium, and Elliot Túpac will show his colorful art during the whole ceremony. Jimmy López, Juan Carlos Fisher and Olinda Silvano are also among the main professionals who will be taking part.

Singers Guillermo Bussinger, Sandra Muente, Shantall Young, and Pelo D’Ambrosio will join their voices together to delight the audience. The performance of Peru's most famous tenor of all times, Juan Diego Flórez, will be one of the highlights of the event.

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