Juegos Panamericanos; Juegos Parapanamericanos; Carlos Neuhaus; Lima 2019 Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 15 October 2019


DJ Shushupe and Bareto livened up the celebration in the stadium of Surquillo.

Celebración fue amenizada por la DJ Shushupe y Bareto en el estadio de  Surquillo.

The celebration continues. The Lima 2019 organization thanked the hundreds of volunteers that participated in the various ceremonies of the Pan American and Parapan American Games at an event held at the Carlos Moscoso stadium in Surquillo. They enjoyed, once again, the music of DJ Shushupe and the Peruvian band Bareto.

The president of the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee, Carlos Neuhaus, thanked everyone for their effort and for making their country proud. “The Opening Ceremony was so touching that it definitely contributed to the success of the Games. Without your effort, without the hours that you dedicated to rehearsals and getting ready, it would have been difficult to achieve the results that we have all celebrated.”

The mayor of Surquillo, Giancarlo Casassa, was also present and he congratulated all the volunteers. “It has been an honor for Surquillo to have you here, rehearsing for long hours. We have all enjoyed the fruits of your labor,” he stated.

For long months, hundreds of volunteers gathered in the Carlos Moscoso stadium to rehearse the segments that were performed on July 28 and August 11 during the Pan American Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as the Parapan American Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies which took place on August 23 and September 1, respectively.

Neuhaus pointed out that the ceremony was watched live in 41 countries and the impact of the news reached countries as far away as Russia or Angola.

DJ Shushupe and Bareto performed during the event, and they played songs that marked the end of the Pan American Games and beginning of the Parapan American Games.