Tenis de mesa; Lima 2019; Panamericanos Author: Lima 2019 press release Lima, 9 October 2019


The Peruvian capital will host the Triathlon World Cup, the Latin America Team Qualification and the Weightlifting Grand Prix.

La capital será escenario de la Copa del Mundo de Triatlón, del Preolímpico de Tenis de mesa por equipos y el Grand Prix de Levantamiento de pesas.

The momentum gained after the celebration of the Lima 2019 Games is creating great interest in the most important world organizations to choose our capital city to host sport events. That is why, in the following months, there will be three international events involving triathlon, weightlifting and table tennis.

The Pan American and Parapan American Games put the Peruvian capital on display and the world class infrastructure has allowed them to take a look at Peru.


After a brilliant show put on by the best table tennis players of the Americas at Lima 2019, the Sports Center 3 in VIDENA will reopen to welcome the Latin America Team Qualification. This event will qualify the best two teams, in men’s and women’s, to make up the best 16 countries in the world to be part of Tokyo 2020.

Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and other highly ranked countries in Latin America will bring their best athletes to compete in intense matches from October 25 to 27. It is very likely that the great finals that took place in the Pan American Games will be relived, with crowded grandstands.

Lima 2019 gave two quota places for the next year’s Olympic Games, but only in singles events. Brazilian Hugo Calderano, the best Latin American player in history, and Puerto Rican Adriana Díaz took the honors.


Lima will be the host of the Triathlon World Cup, organized every year by the International Triathlon Union (ITU). The event will take place from November 2 to 3 at the Agua Dulce Beach circuit in Chorrillos, where the Lima 2019 competition was developed.

On Saturday November 2, all amateur athletes will compete in categories from age 8 to age 60+. And on Sunday November 3, the elite event will take place with the best ranked in the world series, where six Peruvians will compete. The sprint distance competition (750 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km race) will be on that day.

This competition will also add very valuable points to the world ranking since it is one of the last ones of the Olympic circuit, which defines the qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“In order to host this event, we had to show the ITU the circuit we have at Agua Dulce Beach and prove that we have accountability and solvency as a federation. Something we were able to build after our last management and the federated teams,” said Rodrigo León Prado, president of the Peruvian Triathlon Federation.


Likewise, the weightlifting Grand Prix will be held on our capital city on November. This competition provides qualifying points for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; thus, it will bring the world’s best weightlifters to Peru.

There will be almost 200 athletes for both men’s and women’s participating in this world class event, which will be held from November 6 to 11 at the Sports Center 3 in Videna, and the entrance will free of charge for the public.

The important points for Tokyo 2020 and the cash prizes are the main motivation for the 10 best in the world, among them the Spanish Lidia Valentin and the Armenian Lasha Talajadze, to come to Peru.

Our country will have 12 representatives at the Grand Prix, among them the bronze medalist in the Pan American Games, David Bardalez, and our female representative Shoely Mego stand out. It will be a great opportunity to keep adding points on their road to the Olympic Games.


Other sports have also announced additional competitions. The Peruvian Weightlifting Federation aims for the growth and spread of the sport. During 2020, our country will host the U-17 World Cup, and for 2021 they expect to organize the Senior World Cup.

The Hockey Federation announced that during 2020 they will host the Pan American Challenger and the South American Championship at Villa Maria del Triunfo. As for the Bowling Federation, they announced on social media that there will be an Ibero-American Championship next year.

Athletics has already applied to host the World Youth Championship on 2021. Without a doubt, Lima will continue to be the center of international sports.